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Mack twin stick 6speed

Mack man 1973

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  • 2 months later...

Compared to a KW Screemer n 18 speed RR 

the mack coolpower maxidyne with twin stx as a 6 speed twaz the nex best thing to an Auto

as U did half the cog selction than a screemer n RR

the 6 speed U pulled the lever straight thru with dynatard to kill revs


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1 hour ago, Joey Mack said:

I would rather have the X107 over the 2070..  Any day..  Of course I really like a 1070B.. jojo

As far as i am concerned that 1070B 12 spd, was the best trans mack ever built.    terry:MackLogo: and that X107 and 2070 takes a whole different ration to work right.


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I agree...  When I learned now to drive an X107, it was pretty cool, even though I had to be patient with myself and the shifter, I still liked it because of multi speed reveres..  Then I started driving a 2070,  and imediately missed the X107..  I learned to drive the 1070B in the late 90's., in a 79 R Model, pulling a tri-x dump trailer. E-6 350, I think 4:17 rears.  that truck would run right along with the new trucks that they had..  I drove for a construction outfit in Scarborough Maine, for only 2 years, but I drove every truck the had, from late 70's DM's tri axle dump trucks, to the Newer CH and RD tractors. I miss that old tractor. it had a long frame and the fifth wheel was 'fixed'. With a heavy load on, I could pop a wheelie if I was to aggressive ,taking off.  I remember a couple of times that I was waiting to make a turn at an intersection, and I would try to get out and go... instead I would pop a wheelie and go straight with the wheel turned.. Its a funny feeling..  :) jojo

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  • 1 month later...

Without a doubt the 1070b was the best gearbox ever. We have 4 dumpsters, 3 R models and a CH. 2 Rs now have 12 speeds in them and as soon as I can find 2 more rear mount PTOs I’ll replace the RR in the other two, even the CH will get a 12 speed. 

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