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Why did B Replace L Cab?

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My b cab is rather cramped but it is really bad for my cousin who weighs over 300 lbs. Same thing with my 31 model a coup very tight fit for the driver and passenger. I remember the older peterbuilt conventional had a fairly small cab. 

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I prefer the L-cab, but I assume they went with the curvy design for an updated appearance (by 1950s standards, that is). Studebaker debuted a similar looking cab design for 1949 for their pickups and trucks (my 1950 Studebaker shown in photo), and Studebaker continued to use this design up until the end of truck production in 1964.

Back to the L-cab, in my opinion, its design/appearance was far ahead of its time and had more legroom than it's competitors. Currently, trucks like the Peterbilt 379 & Kenworth W-900 have cabs that look similar.



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Curious as to why the B-80 series trucks were never offered with the "roomier" cab after the transition from the LJSWX.  

Perhaps they didn't need it because the longer engines could fit in the axle-back configuration (think B-71).

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