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Yard decorations

david wild

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6 hours ago, david wild said:

I want to mount one on a one ton chassis and drive around like the hot dog mobile, like everything else one leads to two and then you have a yard full, worse part is there are 2 more in AZ to pickup and hopefully we will have a flying Mig 21 here soon, just not enough driveway to take a spin but do plan on running engine up just make the neighbors wonder what we are up to, more people bring their  kids by to sit in the Helicopters and Grandparents too, we even had Wedding pictures taken with them, some people are strange,  they all like the moving van too and it gets it's picture taken all the time, we are easy to find ask anybody in town for the place with the Helicopters and they will send you right to us.

Happened to my sister that way. If your lawns decorated interestingly enough people come. Eventually a couple asked to get married on her yard. 

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On 5/22/2020 at 2:28 PM, h67st said:

The Ridgeway appears to be a 1953 Fageol Twin Coach.

I agree with h67st on the Moving Van. They are a rare animal today.. Check with Jeff Lakaszcyck over on the Just Old Trucks website and he can give you more of the history and pictures of them. PM/Email me if you need his contact info..


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The Fageol is way cool.  Love to make a car hauler out of it.  That would be very different showing up at the track.  Leave it painted in original scheme.

Buying a Mig 21 just to have?  That is the ultimate in yard art.  You likely won't have a neighbor with one?  Lol!

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That Fageol seems to be maybe built on an IH running chassis, the front bumper, the front wheels look like the DCO Emeryville wheels and radiator louvers are same as the Inter R 190 ... series. With the body height it could be custom built inside into mobile home and retaining the original Ridgway external design and colours for it's heritage.

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