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Looks like a good solid project. What are the specs?    Paul


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i will try again to post the umodel    the b model is a 237hp with a "quad box"  has an air starter that I want to change to electric  we couldnt get her to start by pushing   fuel filter was a solid no filtering involved  it may havelast been changed in 1957  local NAPA had one on the shelf for 16$  one tiny push and she was purring like a kitten   love this old steel!

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17 minutes ago, 70mackMB said:

KEEP the AIR STARTER! Their so much fun at the shows when people don't expect it.    .....Hippy

i agree, nothing better than an air starter to make someone unexpectedly need to change their shorts.

when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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Ditto on the air start.  Changed mine over a few years ago.  With new air parts it holds air for 6 months with no problem.  Installed an automatic oiler and now I don't have to worry about vanes drying up over winter.  I also added a dual pressure gauge so I can monitor the start tank pressure.


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12 hours ago, Scorer128 said:

That is a D3B in the pic with the u model. And she is definitely handy!  Thank you all for the input. I'm still not sold on the air start but I love your ideas. 

Check in with Geoff Weeks over on the Just Old Trucks website.. He has a couple of trucks with Air Start and swears by them...


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