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B model breaks a hitch


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Factory hitches are notoriously weak. Buddy has a 1-ton dually...hitch is only rated for 5000#. Same with my 3/4-ton Suburban. My F250 didn't have a bumper hitch, and the one I installed is rated for 10K.

Bottom line, that truck on that trailer likely exceeded the rating of that hitch by a lot...even if it were brand spanking new and NOT weakened by rust. He's lucky it failed during loading, and not going down the highway. THAT would've been ugly...

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The real problem is tongue weight.

The class 3, 5,000 lb factory hitches are only rated for 500 lb of tongue weight

The class 5 hitch I use is rated for 20,000 lb with 3,000 lb of tongue weight and my 15,000 lb equipment trailer maxes that out.

Judging by the duel tires on this trailer it has a higher GVW

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Yea. That truck should not have that load behind it.  A 3/4 ton truck is good for 10k on a rear hitch, and roughly 14k on a gooseneck.  Glad the hitch failed in the driveway. My cousin loaded up about 17k on one of his trailers, towed by his 2004? GMC 2500, got halfway out of the storage yard and it ripped the hitch off the frame, bent the lower frame flange pretty good.  Sometimes you just gotta let stupid be stupid and stand back....

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