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Dead Battery. No Problem.

j hancock

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That's really neat. Saw one on YouTube attached to this engine that was at least the size of a midsize sedan and watched this you boy crank like a banshee then engage it and started this old hulk of an engine. Really shows how inventive people were. 

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Paul, remember those Victa lawnmowers with the Inertia Start..???

You wound a big spring up, & pulled a Trigger..


i think Briggs & shitton  may have had the same sort of thing too, at one stage...

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In the late 60's early 70's, my father had a Toro brand push mower with a crank on top.  Give it a couple of cranks and then push the throttle lever full ahead and it would engaged and start.  Same thing as Hayseed said.  

The crank was later replaced with a recoil rope start because something with the crank system broke.

I don't recall the brand motor that Toro used but it also featured a funnel type oil reservoir on the side of the motor.  To check the oil, you pushed a button and if you didn't see through the clear lid any air bubbles come up, the oil level was good.  If it did bubble, wait until it stops bubbling and the oil was topped off from the supply in the reservoir.


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Ya, used to mow a yard for a fellow with an ol Briggs that had wind up start.  Wind it, twist the knob and away she'd go.  The muffler was long gone, so it had a straight pipe sticking out the side.   



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