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89 Superliner RWS754

Back In Black Pulling

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We just bought an h&k Mack from Coopersburg kw. My dad bought his first Mack from Bobby Metzger there in 1987. Still running it. Truck we just bought had new frame rails and trunion put in sometime in the past 5 years or so, and a good ticking motor.

Mack Macungie plant gave their construction work to another construction company, so h&k traded 60 Macks in for KWs. Or so we were told... Some of those triaxles are in really rough shape, some aren't too bad. Coopersburg had the lift axle off one triaxle, bottom frame flange was rusted clean through...

We only put 5-10k miles a year on a truck, so we'll get 20 plus years out of our purchase as long as Volvo doesnt screw with parts availability too much more...

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Cat motor, no thanks. Looking at that interior, I'd believe the mileage. Talked to an oil customer today who drives a fuel truck for h&k, he guesses my '88 we just bought is probably around 800k miles. Mine has mold on the dash around the cup holder screwed to the dash panel, HVAC duct work is duct taped, dash panels are not secured well... Radio missing from the overhead... 

That super liner probably hauled a low boy to and from job sites. Less trips than a dump truck per day...

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