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Winter in Montana


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We had a good dumping of snow in the west this year.  Here in northwestern Montana this past week with temps in the low 40's and rain, I am starting to see green in my yard.   And now our haul road is really sloppy.  The news and weather channels on TV are always telling about the "big storms" in New York or Chicago, and never mention Montana.   Here at my house, I haven't seen the bare ground since Thanksgiving.  I don't believe it made national news but in January on the eastern front, Browning , St.Marys and Babb areas got 63 inches of snow in one two day storm.   We deal with it.  Winter happens every year,, every where in the northern states..             But I am glad its spring..





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that haul road looks awesome ! .....been rut surfing here for two weeks after the frost came out , ready for some firmer terra firma ! ..its been since the winter of 96 that we had snow on the ground that stayed from thanksgiving !    good luck on the dry out ! logging here is mudded out starting last week.

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Weren't able to get up around babb, st Mary's or much of the stuff north of cutbank for quite some time. As fast as a road would get punched out the wind would pick up and fill it right back in. 

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