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My Mack fire apparatus photo album


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Since I have roughly equal numbers of all Mack rigs as Mack Chassis rigs, I plan to post one from each group daily. For those not familiar with the numbers I include, here is a brief explanation:

If you see "1000/300/20F/75' Maxim", that would mean it has a 1000 gallons per minute pump and carries 300 gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam and has a 75' Maxim aerial ladder (Most, but not all Mack aerials used Maxim ladders).

Engine 6, Metro FD, Nashville, TN (retired)

1987 Mack MC/Ward '79 LTD

1500/500/50' Telesqurt


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Excellent! Love the L model convertible. Reminds me to get out and get the new sneakers my buddies so I can he can take it for a drive...yeah, he...It's a 49 LS85.

Love the idea and I look forward to viewing the pictures...Thanks for taking the time to do it.


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Welcome to BMT Dave!

All: Dave is a daily contributor over at Hanks. I made a comment or post a few years ago on a long running thread that Dave contributes to each day just so I can follow his pictures. All of the fire buffs on here will enjoy his pictures & knowledge of same.

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was this one of the St. Louis R models that ended up in that part of the country?

While it is possible, I highly doubt it. The St. Louis rigs had a tread-plate box below the cab door. The style of fuel tank on the Bellevue rig is more typical of commercial Mack R chassis.

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