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  1. Yea Paul I was bidding on that one to . Was going to sell Lemon Ice out of it and return it back to shape but like you said it was pulled off
  2. Here is the Ward last Aug pumping at the National show
  3. Mack8B42 and Bulldogboy the B-95 is still in good hands and now that I am retired I have the time to get her out and about again but only limited to local shows in upstate New York as gas is still a killer at 3 miles per gal . May put a diesel in her to get her out more but will see , really don't want to do that but what good is it if I can't get her out .
  4. Need my 2005 GMC 2500 4 door pick up [ blown transfer case ] towed from MB to Westchester County NY just outside of the city. anybody out there help out a retired Firefighter and ATHS, ATCA member .
  5. Carl just to confirm , room for Toter and trailer and a few more only if you fixed your dam generator on the toter !
  6. Sold to a collector and I bet we will be seeing her on these pages soon !
  7. Barry sold the site to Volvo [ Joke ] go easy !
  8. Randy you can come to New York only if you bring me some of that Ying Ying beer from Potstown and I will make you a Gobbguoll samwich with hot peppers and oil ! Forgetabout it !!!
  9. That Turn of River [ Stamford Conn ] B -85 was made into a tanker from a engine. They mounted the tank backward so it would fit over the pump panel and kept it short . Don your right as I tried to help him out about 3 years ago also.
  10. I will be right up front doing security from my travel trailer doing my best to kept Randy under control so if any one want's to punch me in the nose you can !
  11. How many can you fit in a 53 ft trailer ? now buy as many new Mack's you will need to get the job done . End of story !
  12. Over 400 fire engines fire trucks and the like at the Circleville warehouse in Middletown New York this Aug 10 -13 2016 Lots of Macks of all sizes and the one and only 1965 Super Pumper F Mack from the FDNY will make a special apperance at our show. Please come and have a great time with a lot history in one place.
  13. That Mack may have come out of New York , Brockway Dave had one for sale that was out of Andes New York that was for sale
  14. Thanks my B has a red interior ,guess you will not like my B, oh wait it was painted at the Mack factory !
  15. There's 4 or 5 in Kington New York on the Hudson . One fully restored and the rest in hulls complete or not but there .
  16. We are going back to 1968 . For those of us that where there hold on .
  17. Why take it out , you will never have a dead battery !
  18. Sorry not till late April . All my stuff is upstate NY and I am in SC but I have many
  19. I know some things didn't change for many years and models but do you think that the early R model might be the same ? if so I have a few .
  20. Nicely done to both you and Howie as I am proud to call both of you my friends. Angelo
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