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B-73 Restoration

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2 hours ago, Red Horse said:

Frames look new Matt-what did you do???

I used a propeller file to work the dings out, kind of like dressing a propeller on the back side. Then used a buffing wheel to smooth everything out and finally a bunch of elbow grease with aluminum polish to finish them up. They were pretty rough to start due to all the miles and sitting outside. They did clean up nice, though.


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3 hours ago, hicrop10 said:

Which brand of paint did you use for the interior,it looks great.

PPG Concept. All the paint has been Concept, so far. I really like this paint, coverage and luster are phenomenal!!



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29 minutes ago, Mark T said:

I just got a new laptop.  Somehow your pictures went to a even higher lever of WOW    thanks for posting

Project is coming out fantastic from the looks of it.

Thanks for that!! I’m still amazed at how good it looks, especially with what  I had to do to bring it back. I thought it would look like Frankenstein, like it had been cut up!!

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52 minutes ago, hicrop10 said:

I can only hope my b87 turns out that good.


A little at a time!! I waited a long time to start this one, collecting things as I found or needed them. When I get fustrated or find myself rushing, I walk away or do something else. It really pays off as this is coming out far beyond how I saw it being

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oooooooooooooooooooooooo my god,,,,,thats gorgeous,,,beautiful work.....i hope to be starting my interior this summer,,,,havent sprayed in 25 years,,,was curious,if we were still adding reducer and hardeners these days????????bob

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