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R V8 power steering question?

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nice thing about that set up, you can run it and check it out all while standing along side of the truck. just keep BODY PARTS OUT OF THE FAN with eng. at idle you can turn the steering shaft to dead head the steering box in either direction and watch for leaks (a mirror could be handy) to figure out if its a hose or seal leaking.

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I believe Superdog is correct on using engine oil being what it originally called for.. I changed the pump on the 866 I had and ran power steering fluid with some Lucas power steering stop leak in it to condition seals in the box . I put a bit of the Lucas in all my old stuff whether it leaks or not. ATF probably would be ok too in that system. I f you don't find any major leaks when you top it up and run it back and forth and you have all the air worked out and the reservoir still goes down you might have a seal gone in the pump putting it into the engine oil. I've had that problem with the small Vickers pumps like that. I just pitched a box full of those pumps actually shells of those pumps all of them had broken shafts. Hopefully your problem is just a line.

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All depends how worn it is. You might be able to take up some slop by adjusting the screw on the worm. Don't touch the pressure screw. If it's too bad best to pull it off and get it rebuilt somewhere that rebuilds steering boxes you might be able to exchange for a remaned steering box. They can be pricey.

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