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1972 GMC MH 9500 Series on Craigslist


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I seen it a couple weeks ago but I'm I'm the state that sees a lot of sun"California" I would love with get this big Jimmy and restore Her, put Her to work and get that 8V-92 to at least 650-850 hourse power to the rear tires.I'm the process of acquiring a 1952 GMC 900 series, 6-71,5 on 4, already converted to newer air suspension. But if I could I'd have both of them in a perfect world.

GOB BLESS OUR past America engineering and of course" GOD BLESS AMERICA"

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All these liberal Demoncrats would shoot me and the trailer pulling that Jimmy on site of seeing it coming across the Arizona border

They used to raise the cab of the short hood models and squeeze an 8V71 in there. With the the long hood and an 8V92 with a turbo there should still be plenty of room for you to do the right thing and retrofit a DPF system. :whistling:


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The 18" or so they added to the hood did wonders to make a city truck look like otr truck. The 8V92 must be a repower as that engine wasn't introduced until around '75 or so. It likely came with an 8V71 Driptroit.

The long model was not an afterthought. The conventional and the short conventional came out at the same time.

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Around 1973 they raised the cab on all models, hence the headlights lower in the grille and the skirts on the fenders, and offered larger Cummins power at this time (sup 250, 290, 335, and 350). prior to this Detroit power (671,and 871) Cummins ( 230, 250) was available.

It has been about 18 years since I started looking for one, finally got one about 3 years ago. Not many left and they should be saved.


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Not a big fan of "Jimmies" but this old girl needs to be rescued, this was GMC's "Big Dog" entry into the "Owner Operator" over the road tractor market, I came across it on Craigslist while looking for parts for my B67. I can't paste in these posts for some reason, but if you go to Ft Meyers Craigslist in Florida, it is listed as a 1972 GMC 9500 MH Series, it's in Bonita Springs, Fl, and of course it has an 8V92 430 Horse Yamaha in it! Good luck, someone save her!

Do you know the direct link to this. I looked on Craigslist and couldn't find it. Thanks!

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