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I know this is a much discussed topic in the past but..........again, who makes the headers for the V8 and do they add that much to the performance? How about the sound?

Dale Francis in Oh

As for power , i'm sure at higher rpms it helps with better flow , but there is no leaking

My truck with headers , antrims inj .and holset hx 82 turbo turning 3000 rpms with stock v pump made 950hp to wheels

You do lose some of thump,But different turbo will change the sound also. Here is vid from pull last night both Macks have Headers ,two different turbos


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Yes custom made

Just one day Vinny , Shows and Truck driving competition are from 7 am to 3ish pm ,pull starts at 7 pm

Sorry didn't talk to them about R model

Sounds like fun! I want to make my way to a REAL truck pull. All we have up here is diesel pickups and tractors, yeah thats cool, but i wanna see some Superliners an R models.


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