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Mack EM6 300

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Can anyone explain to me how an EM6 differs to an E6?

I am restoring an '85 R Model that has an EM6 300. Can anyone tell me about this engine and whether it is worth keeping? It is not an EM6 300L.

It is currently matched to a T2090 but that has issues so will be replaced with an Eaton 18 speed. Just trying to decide whether to go through the trouble of matching the Eaton to the EM6 or if I should re-power.

Anyone have an opinion on the EM6?

Is it possible to increase the HP?


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If i remember right i believe they were the "maxidyne" newer version of the econodyne like the EM9s and EM7s. I think they were a lower hp higher torque motor made to be with a 5, 6 or 9 speed tranny. not positive but i think i got it right from what I've read over the years.


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If it's a 4v em6 then it's a low revving engine I'm pretty sure (but correct me if I'm wrong). From what I've read they put out nearly as much torque as an e7 400 so they aren't too bad.

I have a e6 300 but it's only a 2v and makes 300hp at 2100 rpm.

I've only ever drove a few Mack's, and not your type of engine but mack are built to work. The first mack I drove was empty and I thought it was a slow old thing. But loaded up with 25ton of rio bar and it pulled no differently.

I'd have a stab in the dark and say if your engine is running right, it's worth sticking with!

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I think low speed motors have an "L" at the end of the code ex: E6-300L. "M" is maxi dyne, or high torque rise engines, they can be lugged down further and still make power so they can be mated to straigh 5 or 6 speed transmissions (Maxitorque). Power from 1000-1200 up to 1600-1800 I believe.

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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