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  1. Joe ... i have 1 blue reserved for you i had sent you a pm for your info when you first asked .. i have your number now i will call you
  2. Not available anymore. .. pm me for contact information
  3. Ill check in the morning for you. What color do you want?
  4. Brand new Mack Bug Sheilds with mounting hardware, old style That mounts to the Bulldog.I have a few different colors left. 7 Green 1 Red 3 Smoke 3 Blue 4 clear $100 each plus shipping or pick up locally
  5. I might have a pair with a clear center i have to look. .. i swapped for amber
  6. Someone told me that Vermont will register it without a reg or title even if you don't live in the state then transfer it to ny with no hassles
  7. I live in NY. . The truck in the picture is a 71 DM 600. . Its for my R 600
  8. Need help obtaining a title or registration for my 69 R -685T. .. i bought the truck from my cousin that never registered it . He lost the paperwork in super storm sandy and don't remember the guys name he got it from or what state the paperwork was from. He thinks either NJ or PA. I had a friend that is a cop run the vin nationwide and it comes back not on file. What do I need to do?
  9. It's probably got 5.29 ... Most every autocar I have ever had and the 2 I still have are 5.29
  10. I was there. ... I brought my 69 mack it's the gray one with the chrome wheels in the pic's posted on The Flickr link... the rain sacked but I'm lucky enough to have tower suite tickets
  11. You can buy a rebuild kit from bendex .. I just picked one up for a friend it was $116
  12. It's a 5341 ... the 1 meaning no front brakes. .. I'm looking for a axle with front brakes for my 69 R -685T
  13. Looking for a FA 543 front axle for a mack in the nyc nj area
  14. I'm still trying to find the brake spider's backing plates and drums for my 69... When I was at macungie I looked at a few 69 ' s and the front brakes look like the same that I have on a 65 B model does anyone know if or what parts I can use? I can't find an axle for it
  15. The people at the Mack museum do an incredible job putting the package together. .. well worth the donation... you won't be disappointed
  16. I need a radiator for my 1984 DK64 wide nose. . Fits 84 and down ... any help would be greatly appreciated. Attached is what it looks like
  17. A 300 plus is a 285 injection pump with 350 injectors and turbocharger. A 285 has a better torque curve
  18. Do you have hi beams. .. it could be in the signal lamp switch ... the dimmer is in the end. ... or it could be a bad relay in the circuit breaker panel
  19. How about the maxidyne engine. .. what are people using for maxidyne gold? My 69 the previous owner used oldsmobile gold and it looks too dark.
  20. They are right. .. There are rubber stops that bolt on them
  21. I seen that B when I was there but at the time I had not received the information yet ... I wonder where in NY NJ they were from. My truck was purchased by a distant cousin that got it from Philadelphia area.
  22. Sorry about the pic... I rotated it but it still came out sideways
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