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Its on a davey drill i have 3 of these drills all the same two of them run great this one did run great till motor blew i got a low hour used motor off a saw mill it doesnt turn enough rpm to run the compresser to blow hole out and hydro pumps dont have the pressure they did and bit rotation is slow. They run great at 2000-2100 this used motor only runs 1550 this used motor runs great just too slow.

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I certainly do know how to do what you need, but no way in heck will I write it down on a forum so you can go hurt yourself, or others.... it is a very tricky job to get right...

may I suggest the following...

1.. buy the official manual off ebay, you can follow the full tune up steps and confirm injector number and timing.... but you may need tools... you just don't know who was there before you... it is set at 1550 for a reason, your others seem set for 2100 which is reasonable if the injector number and timing is correct.

2.. hire someone locally.... still common to find these in boats, gens and buses.

3.. youtube... a scary place to learn this ART... and that's what it is.... totally experienced based.

just like all the others, I caution you to go carefully.

BC Mack

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Why scrap it?

Call around to find a DD guy that can look over your situation. These engines have specifications when built. He can see if there is a mechanical problem and advise you what your options are.

The internet is a great place but some situations can't be solved without being there in person and really looking it all over.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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