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1992-1997 Ford F Series trucks


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My high school dream truck was a black 1997 F350 diesel reg cab long bed. Somehow I ended up with a 1995 F250 gasser, hated the Twin Traction Beam. I've always liked the body style though and have still wanted to get one. Here are some photos of them I've run across in my travels

post-38-0-11628500-1381697750_thumb.jpg My old truck after I had it repainted

Few randoms





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My favorite generation of the F-Series, and in my opinion, the best pickups ever made. These trucks will last forever. A lot of construction companies in my area use this generation F-250, and F-250HD's, as labor trucks, and they are beat to crap, but still continue to run strong. My dad had 96, and my uncle had a 93 F-150XL, both with straight 6's, very solid truck. My uncle put about 325,000 miles on the original engine, and tranny before trading it in.

Case in Point,





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I had A 89' F250 XL Custom w/ 302 & Cherry bombs , 98 f150 4.6 (leased 3 yrs ) & a 2001 F150 XL w/4.6 police interceptor . (was built for the city of Millington but they didn't have enough in the budget for 6 trucks @ the time so I bought it new )

& a 94 F350 XLT flatbed W/ 7.3 Turbo (pre PSD ) & straight piped

ALL My Fords were 4 times the trucks the 3 GM Trucks I had /have (im driving a 94 GMC 2500 NOW When my01' F150 got totaled by someone else stupidity )

The 94 GMC Im driving I bought from my buddy I help & I had to rebuild the transmission when I got it but I needed something quick & cheap @ the time after "the beast" got totaled & couldn't beat what I had in the truck even w/ having the tranny rebuilt .

BUT I want a 7.3 F250 OR F350 To work out of now .

Im A Ford Man stuck in a GM . :(


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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Ahhh, my next best F series truck. I like my ol bumps, but when I bought my first NEW '96 F350 I was hooked.

460 automatic, loaded XLT. I put a Vortech supercharger on it just after this picture(pulling my brand new 40ft Haulmark trailer).


Here I'm at the track running the ol dually. Ran 15.8's which back then was nip'n the heels of the first gen Lightnings(which usually ran low 15's):


I traded this truck for a '99 V10 crew cab 5 spd.

I did buy another '95 F150 about 5 yrs ago for daily driver. 302/automatic

It only had about 80K miles and was like a shiny new penny. Man do I miss this truck.


Less then 8 months later: TOTALLED ( I put the sign on it to let the neighbors know it was not my fault)


Always wanted a nice long bed, std cab, 4x4 F150, 302/5spd with about 31" tires? Just sit'n up "Nice".

My lastest daily driver is my '89. Not my favorite bodystyle, but it is so clean I couldn't pass it up. 302/automatic, had 70K miles.

You could eat off the framerails when I bought it. Not as much as a scratch of rust anywhere on it. I oil spray it constantly now to make sure it hangs around. Been 4 yrs now? Ready to turn 150K miles.


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1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

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