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Chrome exhaust

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The guy I deal with sells Grand Rock they have all the Mack set ups in the book so you could go stock underneath and GO LARGE on the back. The chrome stuff I bought for my B is nice, still shiny and no cracks/blisters/discoloration/flaws, the stuff I bought for my R was all stock heavy as what they had at the Mack dealer but only about 1/2 the price.


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I didn't have any luck with Grand Rock. I bought pipes from Mack and had them ceramic coated. It has been a year and they still look good. The coating has a lifetime guarantee. The muffler guard and flex pipe are stainless and the extension is chrome.

First pic is new, second and third taken this August.




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I have Dynaflex parts and United Pacific stacks and reducers on mine, I dig my 6 stacks, you can get a set of stacks with internal mufflers that woiuld be nice with a 6 cyl truck the E9 trucks arent that loud but a 6 cyl will be loud.

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I put Lincoln Chrome pipes on my Superliner this past winter. Got them from 4 State Truck Parts. I think if I remember right 6" 7' miter cut ran me around $250 each so with Ups to Detroit, exchange on the money and duty at the border I about $680 invested.



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