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I know where theres a B model with a spring ride rear tag Ill see if I can go get some pics of it one day.

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like Mike said, unneeded now for probably what you gonna use it for. needed back then when all the weight laws changed, probably alright if done right but I hate when someone cobbles on a nice frame

I hear ya,i've seen many a hacked frame.I just thought it would look cool,and be a neat "period correct" add on.If I did put one on it would be done right,as my frame is perfect and i'm super picky.I trust your judgement though more than most when it comes to B's,you don't miss a damn single detail when looking at a truck!

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Stretch her out find a mercury alum sleeper and hit the road.

I'd love to Ray,but just couldn't do it to a perfect frame and nearly all original truck.I figured with a vintage tag axle it'd be period correct and I could remove it if I wanted.Just tossing idea's around...By the way,are those Mercury's hard to find???

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you should just gimme that truck Bigdog and ill give you a perfectly rusty ratty hacked up frame you can do anything you want with.... the only detail I miss is not snagging that truck of your up when I had the chance haha. almost my colors to

I hope someday it'll be as nice is yours.Deff. gonna be green/black... :twothumbsup:.(thinking black fenders/roof&visor)

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