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The other week I finally got my pump back from the shop. So me and my neighbor started to install the pump with much excitment since it had bin almost 3 months wait. And boy did we get a suprize!!!

Finally get it on . Prime it . Check timing . Check throttle linkage. Check stop,double check stop! Started it popped right off ,idled nicely for having 13 mm plunngers.

My neighbor pointed out some leaks so we shut it down and fixed the leaks. Started it again reved it to about 10 to get any air out of system itapped it a couple times to see some smoke!!

Then i matted it for just couple Seconds to see how black it gets?

Well to my Suprize IT RAN WILD!!!!!!!!!

Pull The Stop and NOTHING HAPPENED . Wanted to block off turbo but did not have intake tube off. By the time I ran into Shop to get Some thing to cut fuel hoses the left Header was glowing red! and there was a hole in valve cover on right side . At that piont i decided there was nothing left to do but watch in desbelief! Because I was not Going any where near that . Finally the Air cooler tube blew off at the Turbo shutting off the moter. and this is what found .post-14252-0-74630200-1368491436_thumb.jNum 5 Pistonpost-14252-0-07662900-1368491455_thumb.jCyd Head note hole in valvepost-14252-0-69206500-1368491489_thumb.jall but three push rods look like this. Plus the Fins in Turbo are Burned off . Still have to get injectors checked. post-14252-0-36643100-1368491508_thumb.jMoter out of 86 waiting for paint .

I still don't know what went wrong. Took pump back they said the govenor looks ok but they havent gotten it on the stand yet. My go to guy for all things V8 thinks one of the Plunngers was sucking oil.

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