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My '72 FS785LT with grain box.237 Maxidyne,5 speed,homemade tag axle.Mikey did a little outlaw hauling with this before he got his CDL.Shown here with a load of corn cobs fresh of the corn sheller.



thought i saw that one for sale a few years back,,,in carson city nev....bob
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Couple more F models pics scanned from John Hoppes' collection

You're half right Dave!

#199 was a '68 400 series Brockway originally built with a 318 Detroit and a five speed Fuller.

By the time this picture was taken it had been changed over to a 237 Maxidyne with a five speed Maxitorque.

Was a better truck than when it was new!



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yep,out back waiting on a facelift.Hated to quit driving it,but that's when I bought my Freedom Superliner,it had heat in the winter and air in the summer,instead of the other way around in the blue F.It was was a little easier on my back,too.

I see you got a load of mashed 4 wheelers there, I hauled plenty of them some years ago!

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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Or 141 Huyndais ?

no,seriously there are 21 smashed Ford Escorts on that load.Usually I'd smash about 3 loads before I'd start hauling them off,so I could kinda "fit" the loads together for maxium payload,cause I just had a 40 footer.One week there were several Escorts so I saved a bunch back and made a full load of them.

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Mike,do you know if the dual headlights were a factory option on the Hayward F-Models? only place i've ever seen them is on this truck,and another one like it in Overdrive................................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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