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My '74 F786ST,this truck sat in a machine shed for 15 years with a warped block,I bought it and put the engine out of my rusty '76 in it.Really loved driving this old truck.Ran it for 2 years '99 to 2001.


21 Ford Escorts.jpg




Do you still have this one?


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Can't have an F model thread without at least one RGS unit!!

Could it be that John maybe put the horseshoe over his kitchen door?

No Dave, when it left West Chester it was minus the horseshoe for sure!

I'll say a few things about #168, it was originally a demonstrator used by Chemical Lehman and had chrome plated windshield wiper pivots on the cab.

When we were using it as a demonstrator it's number was #604 the 600#S were for leased operator's trucks.

The chassis number is F-715T1084 ( i got scared for a minute or two---when I first thought of the chassis number I was drawing a blank!! )

When it left our place it originally was driven to Bradley's junk yard in Nottingham, PA by my brother Tom.

Before we got rid of it we switched steering gears with another one that had a really sloppy gear on it.

Sheppard steering gears weren't the best in my book anyway and in an "F" model the steering shaft when through a set of miter gears before it ever got to the gear.

This made it even worse!

Needless to say when they got some wear in them they could be a little squirrelly, and that's putting it mildly!

I remember Tom took it to Bradley's and said when he got to US1 he dropped it in 5th High and was going to take it the junkyard in style!

It didn't stay in 5th long, he promptly dropped it back into 4th and that's where it stayed the rest of the way to Nottingham!

Talking about the way these things steered, I liked what my oldest brother Ralph used to say about them "Spend all that money for power steering and end up

with a bunch of wandering whores"

I used to say I'd rather fight a truck with a manual gear on it for a few minutes while maneuvering into tight places than have to fight with one of these for hours at


The other fun experiences I remember with these things were cattle chutes and going through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and that was before there was a Ft.

McHenry Tunnel (it's a little wider and there are four bores instead of just two!) Used to always make sure I had a cigarette lit before I entered it!

If that wash't enough when they had to work on one of the bores they'd shut one down and then the traffic was head to head in the tunnel!

Would really make your asshole pucker up let me tell you!

The next time we saw #168 it was pulling in our yard with John Hoppes driving it, he was coming to pick up an old horse trailer that we had sold.

That was the first time Tommie and I met John, Tommie and I couldn't believe he was driving the truck with the way it steered---He just must have been a better driver!

Another thing the gear shift levers in this truck I could never get straightened out to my liking, I'll tell you one thing don't wrap your hand around the main stick when putting it in reverse

when the auxiliary was in low---OUCH!!, it only took one time to learn this little idiosyncrasy about this truck!

Dave ask John how he thought it steered???


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Thank y'all for the F model pics... they're slowly replacing B models as being my favorite old Mack. Mike, is that brown '76 the one you were talking to me about swapping my '66 for?

No Jake,this one here,'it's a'76 too.Cab on it's pretty solid.I bought this one for parts when I was running the brown one and originally was going to get this cab fixed and swap it onto it,but then the blue '74 came up for sale and I bought it instead.There ain't enough good metal on the old brown one anymore to make a Skoal can lid.


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