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I would say. How many W's do you see on a trailer headed to PA? I used the process of elimination. I knew it wasn't coming to my place because I haven't wrapped my deal up yet.

you holding something out on us Doug?? W-71's going to start popping up out of the weeds?I always thought there should be more of them around than what there seems to be.Here's the ones I know of still in existance within the last 5 years.

1. Dan Thomas' restored green sleeper cab

2. Dr. Bill's old blue one

3. Bill Reasoner's old one,restored yellow sleeper cab ,don't know who owns it now

4. My unrestored single axle non-sleeper

5. the unrestored one at the diesel shop in MN

6. unrestored blue non-sleeper tandem,belongs to a guy in WA?He's a member of the Yahoo cabover Mack group,real nice truck

7. one in NM,guy's name is Don something

8. front half of a non-sleeper cab,sold at an estate sale a few years back,CRS won't let me think of his name right now,don't know where it went

9. the one in the pic on the trailer

Anyone else know of any others or can add more info to the ones I've listed??

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I'm going crazy about the second pic each time I see it.

Macks are made so clean so they look like perfect scale toys!

Especially with white background they were fixed.

Best looking trucks of the most attractive models.

I'm shure you heared lots of comments of the kind but I like to say it again.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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Ya that truck was originally in Pa in the 80's My Grandfather bought it from a Shop in Greensburg in 1970 The engine was blown up. He rebuilt it and Hauled stone and coal until about 1983. Then he moved to Texas, Drove it there Used it in the oil Field for a few years then eventually parked it. Its been sitting for probably 25 years.

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That is a neat truck for sure! The sleeper is different than mine and it makes the 4th different style of sleeper I have seen on the W model. I was told that they left the factory with day cabs only and dealers arranged the sleeper additions and most were done at Able in Los Angeles? I saw one that appeard to be from the outside an integral factory sleeper.

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