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  1. Thats my dads A model I will post some photos on here , The Fenders, Hood and Grille are blasted and in etching primer in the garage and need minimal attention. The cab is really good ,the hardest part would be the glass but most glass shops should be able to cut glass and hook you up with the rubber . This thing is a walk in the park restoration compared to our w71 lol
  2. Did you ever send to mack for the build sheets How long have you had it ?
  3. I have a 95 Gmc Topkick 3116 Cat , 5 Speed 2 Speed rear , Air Brakes 33,000 GVW Has a 24 Jerr Dan Industrial Steel bed with New deck new PTO and Pump Located in Saltsburg pa 724-840-8091 Mike
  4. I have an Oliver OC46 Crawler Loader for sale Has a 3 cyl Diesel, Manual Reverser, Runs Perfect Tracks are pretty Good Just repainted ,new seat and decal kit $ 3500.00 obo 724-840-8091 Located in Saltsburg Pa
  5. 262 cummins 5 speed main 3 speed aux i think its the same as yours . what is the serial number on yours ours says 1212st i was wondering if that meant that it was the 212th built ?
  6. 1951 A40 cab & chassis Started to restore but picked up new projects. Truck has a 160 cummins and duplex runs and drives , Will need all new glass I have the fenders and hood in the garage blasted and in etch primer . I hate to scrap it would make someone a really nice truck , comes with another complete A50 with a gas engine for parts . Give me a call if interested 724-840-8091 Truck is located in Saltsburg Pa
  7. I have 2 Perfect EH fenders from a fire truck with the steps and all mounting brackets I aslo have a mack 5 speed transmission and flathead gas out of same truck
  8. I never seen it before but my grandfather said that truck rode real nice
  9. Thanks Hopefully someday it might be half as nice as yours
  10. The truck has page&page suspension too im not sure if that was a factory option or not . Sent to mack for the original build sheets i guess ill find out soon
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