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  1. Thanks for all the info... From talking to the owner he told me it was a gas truck and was repowered by cummins in 1960 or 1961 with the C160 that's in it now. Jason
  2. May sound like a stupid question, but as I've been looking at the older Macks doing research on the A model I'm potentially buying, I was wondering what the differences were between the LJ series trucks and the A models. The body style looks to be very similar, and while the LJs started production earlier, they did overlap in the early 50s while both were being produced. Just trying to educate myself a little more on what the LJs offered compared to the A models of the same period. I have searched on here and the internet quite a bit but there isn't much info on the LJs or A models. I was also wondering about production numbers for the A models for the few short years they were made. Anyone know offhand how many were produced? Thanks Jason
  3. That's good to hear. There is a local glass shop that I've done business with that can do the flat glass. Guy has been doing it for 40 years, and is really reasonable. Jason
  4. I've talked to your dad a few times on the phone about the truck.. He said he was going to get some more pics this weekend hopefully.. Jason
  5. Ya the only stuff I was concerned about was the fixed window seals.. Also have been looking for a pic of how the cab floor looks. I understand its wood but haven't seen any good pics of how it looks.
  6. Thanks for the link... Ill check it out.. Can't wait to see some more pics of this thing. Really hope I can work out a deal on it and get it home. Tooling around town in an A model is going to get some looks, I've never seen one in person anywhere around the Midwest. Jason
  7. Talked to Red Smith about the engine.. Sounds like there isn't much available for it, but a manual shouldn't be hard to find... Looks like ill be on the search for one next. Jason
  8. Ya I have no intention of changing engines... It fires right up and carries 80lbs of oil pressure! Looked through the parts listing...looks like all private individuals and used parts. I'm going to need new stuff like weather stripping and a windshield seal, rear window seal, etc.. Any idea on a source for that type of stuff? Jason
  9. Thanks for all the info guys... He has the build stuff and truck maint manual from the Mack museum, but nothing for the engine... It was repowered by Cummins in '60 or '61, it was a gas engine orginally. Jason
  10. Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) some video of this new rig! Love the sound of a two stroke detroit.. Just something you don't hear going down the road these days. Nice save and sounds like a good deal as well.. Always nice when doing the legwork like you did to find the owner actually pays off! Jason
  11. I just made an account on that Uship website... I got a couple bids but they are all over $1600 so your price isn't bad at all... Still kicking it around, and waiting for more pictures of the truck as well. Jason
  12. If you wanted to take the easy route out I'm sure a 6bt cummins would fit.
  13. After talking to the guy I don't get the impression he would scrap it, he has a few Mack's including a W71 cabover.. It really is exactly what I'm looking for price wise and the kind of shape it's in. Runs/drives but needs cosmetic attention.. Was just hoping there would be a source for truck parts or older model cummins stuff. Local cummins dealer has no listings for anything that old. Jason
  14. The engine is supposed to run great, has good oil pressure, etc... The front sheet metal is also supposed to be pretty decent. I realize there is going to be stuff I gotta make, but parts trucks aren't exactly growing on trees around here either! Jason
  15. Thanks for the info.. I'm gonna stew on it some.. I'm sure around $1,400 is a fair price, but with what the truck costs plus that, I'm wondering if I should hold out for something closer to home, and put that money towards buying a nicer truck to begin with. Then again, you don't see many A models around the midwest. Decisions decisions... Jason
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