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A friend of mine just gave me this picture of his dad's W71, a real rare truck in Pennsylvania. The W71 was sold new by Hollinger Mack (now Truck Centers of Pennsylvania), turned out one of the guys there still had the chassis record.

The truck was owned by John Haines of Mt Joy, Pa. He was a local produce hauler, he bought it new the way you see it, and later added a sleeper.

If you look close at the trailer, you can see two kingpins, he could close couple it to run certain states that would not allow that long a combination.

It had the 275 hp supercharged Cummins, 5 X 3 transmissions. Took a real driver to manhandle something like this!


See my Flickr photostream page



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This is the one,or half of one that was on Theimer's auction.


This is the one from New Mexico


The former Bill Reasoner truck from KS


don't know too much about this one other than the owner had it posted on the old Yahoo Mack Cabovers group,he'd just bought it,think it was around 7 years ago.


this one was taken at Bob Brown's several years ago,can't remember where I found the pic.Evidently it was borrowed from Hank's.

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last i remember it it was in his chicken coop garage and he was workin on an L model puttin fire trucck fenders on it. think it had to be about 10-12 years old. i was about 17 when his auction happened and i dont remember seein the truck or where it went to, all i rememeber is his L models and his one blue H model.


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Wow.......memories. Driving down the hwy in WA and did a u turn after seeing Bob Brown's yard. I sat in that W model about 86... that truck later ended up at the Golden Age museum and was not restored at that time. No idea where it is now. The golden cut off W was in Idaho and during the time i was restoring the Green W in the pictures........yes, it was the one that Dr Bill had on his trailer, anyways I needed a grill so I had a driver that was near with an empty drop deck swing by the yard it was in. They guy wanted $7,500.00 bucks! and it had no engine or tranny and was cut off behind the cab. So I told my guy to offer $1,500.00(that was nuts but we were there and I needed the shutter assembly) and the owner came back with " The hell with that, I will just weld a frame with a set or rears on it and make a truck out of it again"!!...............

The Pic of the PA W is really cool!! neat to see and the double king pin trailer was also neat.

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