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Some Superliner Pics.

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This is a collection of just a few Superliners I have collected online, hope you like!!

Here is some pictures of our trucks working!

New to me 1991 RW-613 400 E-7 13 speed 44 rears

Posted Images

That green Superliner look pretty good to begin with. Those guy find some nice trucks to begin with. How long until we see the finished restoration?

Thanks. My old truck. Glad to see it got into good hands. I wonder if tackaberry paid the most recent asking price. It magically doubled in value over the past year.


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Those things happen just not to me ether. It's like wine it get better and more expensive with age. I can't wait that long and drink it anyway...

Nice Super, glad it is in good hands. Sad you did not get the big bucks Tackaberry's is a dealer so probably not double.

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some good lookin trucks there how good is this one attachicon.gif6a00e5528fe1698834013488d8010f970c.jpg



That is another great Super, really. Just got to get the mirror dogs facing the right way. Wasn't this one restored a few years ago? I see the PA plate, think PA's got the most nice trucks of any state. Wish we had more meets and shows out west.

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Some oldies but goodies in that bunch,,,, all round headlights!

2 red ones are '78 RWS786LST's,ENDT676 and 5 speeds

white & blue is a '79 RWS786LST,676 & 5 speed

white&black is a '79 RWS786LST too,but it has a air 6 speed.

blue one is a '82 RWS788LST,tip turbine E6 350,with a 10 speed

white one is a '82 RWL721LST,E9-400,2 stick 12 speed

and the black one is a '83 RWS721LST,E9-400,2 stick 12 speed.

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Wow yes they are sweet I'm driving a 1990 rd the the boss in Dec 2014 300em6 7 speed get a few thumps up at the quarry pulling a 79 axle frame less I tell the boss 14 loads is still 14 loads at the end of the day she ain't fast just steady would love a superliner with full gauges very nice ride you have

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I'm curious what kind of mileage you get also? What interiors are in your money makers?

Mikey usually runs in the 5 to 5.2 mpg range with the red one,I get about 5 with the blue one,and 5.8 to 6 with the white one.

The red truck has the factory Mack Western diamond tucked interior in dark brown,Super Mutt has the factory Level IV red cloth& vinyl interior with the exception of the door panels,I replaced those with red Mack Western diamond tucked panels.The white one has the Level III vinyl in black,I plan on changing it if and when I ever get my 36" sleeper on it,I never was a big fan of black upholstery.

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Here's some more

Came awful close to getting this one,was ready to go look at it when I found my black RD 900 miles closer and 1/2 the price. This one was Cummins powered.


A pile of parts that the guy thought was made of gold.


Offered this guy $3250 and he could keep the tank,he took it it an auction as is and got $3000.


This '78 RWS766 was at a used truck dealer in IL,tried to trade them a '95 Western Star with a N14 and air ride and they wouldn't deal.


I was on the phone with the salesman at Milwaukee Mack trying to buy this and another sold it while we were talking. Stan Lehman ended up with it later.


This one had less than 100k actual miles,missed it by a day.


By the time I found out this one was for sale,it was gone,it was a sharp truck and sold cheap.


This one I really hated to lose,'79 RWS768LST,one owner.Owned by 2 brothers,called the one that had it advertised and had the deal made,had to call the other brother to discuss pickup and he threw a fit,said it wasn't for sale,he was keeping it.



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