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  1. Nice save Al. It looks like it might have an unloading pump on it too.
  2. I love that LTL. It is good to see an original one. A lot of LTL,s you see at shows now are Peterbilts in disguise. I hope that never happens to that one!
  3. Brian, Good to see you and Al. I always wanted to see that show. That is the best time I had in a while. Hope to see you guys at Kasson. Jake
  4. Thanks Teamstergrrrl for the post. I see the chimney is gone. That used to have MACK on it too. I used to drive out of a terminal just a couple of blocks up University Ave. The bar was the Cromwell. I spent some time in there too. Jake
  5. the cardboard was missing. I bought pleated material and made my own.
  6. I was going through a bunch of pictures that I took a few years ago and I came across these. Jake
  7. Victor, Maybe they will do an article about you and your truck. That is a beautiful B Model that you own.
  8. Get well soon Mike. You are on my prayer list.
  9. I had my LTL at the ATHS show in Rochester, Mn when a gentelman came over to look it over. He told me that he drove the last new LT off the lot at the Denver,Co Mack dealer in 1957. He said his boss needed a truck bad and the salesman gave him a great deal because they were pushing sales of the B Model.
  10. Here is the 1964 C Model that I used to Drive. It was only 4 years old then. It had a 711 with triplex.
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