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  1. I must be getting old. That's just wrong...funny yes, but wrong...
  2. Extra small is 2 already? Holy Crap! Seems like just yesterday...time for another!?!?! Great GMC.
  3. Museum piece right there. Keep it road worth and in a heated space, drive it now and then and don't touch it...leave it just like it is.
  4. That has BULLDOG written all over it. What a SWEET looking truck.
  5. Party wagon!!! Would be cool tinkered up...lot of work...and I hate camping but maybe if it's got a killer AC unit in it...well maybe in another life.
  6. Looks good. Does it come with the kick stand? Where's Vin when you need him?
  7. Fire truck for sure. 98 of them...rare truck.
  8. If it wasn't on the other end of the country I'd have to have some serious restraint to not grab that...Dang!
  9. Start!? Looks like you have started a long time ago! Nice project there. Take it down to manageable sections. Divide an conquer. I was watching an episode of Stacey David's "Gearz" this week and he had a universal wiring kit. I'm thinking of going that route depending on the cost. The good thing is that every wire said right on it what it is for. It looked like it made things easier. He wired up his Sargent Rock project from the ground up including gauges and it appeared reasonable. They break the entire harness up into sections or groups of wires to go to specific parts of the vehicle for you...you can reroute as necessary. Good luck anyway. Post some more pictures and let us know how it is going.
  10. Sad to see that myself. It's going to get worse before it gets better...Hate to see these great talents go away...
  11. Happy Birthday! Enjoy that cake...Take a slice off the top first for sure...
  12. Yes Mam! Some serious cleaning talent there!
  13. Sharp work there for sure. Nice to see it coming along...I'm Mack green with envy.
  14. I'm guessing that he neglected to release the tailgate. It looks shut...must make enough down force to lift the ass of the truck up...need a new pair of drawers after that I imagine...
  15. Do you already have an overdrive equipped transmission? That would be a viable option if not. I would assume you have plenty of power to a light load at 65...particularly if you get enough forward gear options like in a quadbox. Someone else here can give a more qualified opinion and info on available rear ratios
  16. Would the B model be the same idea? If so, I can get a picture or two.
  17. Two sticks not enough? Needed a third to make it interesting? Love the truck...what are the specs? Thanks
  18. You would have to take your shoes off in it I guess. I like it but the bull dog should be set back in place and the grill screen treatment leaves me wanting for something more worthy of the rest of the truck. That took a ton of work and $$ to do. Glad to see it's not in a field or worse. Nice work for sure.
  19. Nice work there...great truck. Color me green with envy on that V8 and the work done there. Fantastic!
  20. Whatever the source, you have a problem that is not going to get better with time. I'd pull it and overhaul it as soon as possible, while it is still repairable and relatively cheap.
  21. Can you share the sand blast outfits contact info with me? PM or post it...either way...I might have a Mack they can do some work to...Any idea if they can differentiate between heavy steel and sheet metal with their abilities? Thoughts? Thanks
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