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  1. Unless they have changed something, my 2013 will engage it in gear and spread as well
  2. brenner

    Mack cl vers ch hood

    About 10.6 inches
  3. brenner

    Mack AI engine

    If you are going that far why not just swap the complete engine with an older E tech?
  4. brenner

    Mack AI engine

    E-tech engines run a different compression ratio as well as different unit pumps but fjh is correct that that the AC cam will work and eliminate the EGR in an AI engine. Next step up would be oversize injectors and a larger turbo
  5. brenner

    12.7 detroit in a CL mack

    They put them in the CL around the same time they put Cats in them
  6. No range shift issues or any noises from the trans. Hoping it came from the pto. If it is the bearing on the range shift would there be any play in the output shaft? Or would I be able to pull the top cover at the back of the trans and see it?
  7. Yeah the tranny has a pro on it. I thought maybe it was part of the cage for a roller bearing but the 1/4" half loops with a pin in the centre didn't look right to me
  8. Anybody got any clue where these pieces came from? I thought maybe a bearing race but the shape and size of them doesn't seem to fit any bearing that would be in this tranny. These came out of a T310MLR
  9. brenner

    mack cranksafts

    Yeah the cranks are the same
  10. brenner

    AI 460 cam

    The truck burns around 10% less fuel to do the same job as before. Has a little more low end grunt and the EGTs dropped about 200 degrees. Never had it dynoed before but after my AMI 370 made 365hp to the ground which I didn't think was too bad
  11. brenner

    AI 460 cam

    I did it a few years ago. All you need is the cam out of an AC series engine
  12. brenner

    T310 Transmission

    Well that shows how smart the service manager is if he says that it's too much truck for the tranny. 70000 lbs isn't a lot of weight and we know these engines don't make enough power to break anything. Swapping to a Mack 13/18 won't do you any good as you will have the same problems with the range shift. If you want to spend money and getting a more reliable set up you'll have to get a reman Fuller 8ll/15/18 and do the swap.
  13. brenner

    Ai 427 Upgrades

    Black smoke under load at low rpms is pretty normal for the AI engines, but going from the AI-427 to the AI-460 will require a different turbo in addition to a software chage. For what its worth the AI-460s aren't that impresive the suffer from the same problems you describe with the power being up in the top rpm range. It may sound odd but you may want to look at changing it to the AMI-370 setup, it has a little less peak power but pulls over a wider range.
  14. brenner

    Transfer Dumps:

    The main advantage of using a transfer is maneuverability when dumping on jobsites and tight areas since you only have to back in a single truck instead of a truck+trailer.
  15. brenner

    88 Em6-300l Boost Numbers.

    I don't have the '88 specifications, but my '87 book says boost should be between 16 and 24 pounds.

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