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  1. Bad day at the track is better than a good day at work? Maybe....
  2. Which US President hasn't used quid pro quo?
  3. That would require one hell of an adapter kit!
  4. Believe that is correct. Bradshaw was on the door of the the orange R last time I saw it. Boy, that orange R is a nice piece! This puppy is up for adoption. No connection to sale item. I liked the right spot mirror aimed to check the exhaust stack.
  5. Sometimes making any progress is a battle.
  6. My memory says conventional bearing shell insert not poured Babbitt style.
  7. Thanks for posting the article! I noticed the sway bar mounted on the FH rear suspension this year at Ballston Spa. Don't know why I hadn't before? Interesting set up.
  8. Gasoline and I didn't take a look at the transmission.
  9. WTH!!! Hope everything is OK.
  10. Nice selection of Mack's to view! Certainly enjoy seeing the trucks with locally fabricated cabs.
  11. Didn't see Maddog or cousin but found their good looking B models at the Spa.
  12. See if the info on the axle housing can be read. Age, rust and abuse may have obliterated it by now. See picture. Also, if you have the VIN of the the truck, you can send the info to the Mack Museum and they can tell you how the truck was built. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/
  13. Proudly served Framingham, MA with a delivery date of 3-22-1961.
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