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  1. Has the potential to be a money maker. Be nice if the RD deal pans out. I'd rather look at Dogs!
  2. I took the picture on June 14th before heading to Macungie for the 2019 truck show. I am not familiar with the procedure of the museum doing a truck display change out but the DM was there three weeks ago. Maybe make a quick inquiry? Mack Truck Historical Museum (610) 351-8999 Always plenty of trucks to drool over!
  3. Seen at the museum. Specs show a fairly light truck in the DM series. Really looks great in all black but couldn't stand far enough back to get a good side picture to show it off. With July 4th coming up, a picture with flags will work out nicely!
  4. A couple short articles to crunch. https://magazines.marinelink.com/Magazines/MaritimeReporter/198609/content/detroit-venture-broader-201841 https://greenmagazine.com/detroit-deere-corporation/
  5. That has the look of an Autocar U-90.
  6. He was no slacker. He founded/involved with both Waste and Republic!
  7. As always, I failed the test again! Nice LTL's!
  8. Never bothered to check. Look at it as Smiles per Mile.
  9. Oh, it is Hussey's. Not a hussy.
  10. Beautiful AK on display at the museum. The cab sign caught my attention.
  11. This handsome 1948 Mack EG helped deliver Stegmaier Beer to thirsty folks in the Nanticoke, PA area.
  12. Shown at the Mack Museum. Never saw one in my area but probably worked great in tight residential neighborhoods.
  13. Should have looked at the transmission when I was standing right there! The T2050 5 spd with .60 over would give an overall ratio of 3.192 in conjunction with the 5.32 rear gear. That wouldn't be too user friendly. The T2090 9 spd with .71 OD would be 3.77 overall and the T2100 10 spd with .77 OD would be 4.09 overall. Either wouldn't be too bad doing interplant deliveries.
  14. At the Mack Museum. Just for fun, clicked a picture of the aluminum carrier showing it is running 5.32 gears.
  15. It's a Beauty! Clicked the pic yesterday afternoon in Milford, NH. It has Donovan Spring, Londonderry flaps on it. If it hadn't been pouring rain, I would have investigated it more. It appears to be an active member of the construction fleet.
  16. Hard working Autocar water truck picture taken on a rainy day.
  17. The B-81 was produced between 1955-1966. The heavy duty model replaced the Mack LJ and in turn, the B-81 was replaced by the DM series of trucks.
  18. Sorry Harry. They were cleaning under the hood and stopped for my picture. I meant to come back later for a hood down picture but never made it. Maybe someone else who was at the show can provide a good picture for you.
  19. What is the VIN of the truck and engine number? The engine number is located on the block just above where the generator is mounted. It will start with EN. That info would help analyze what you looking at. At a minimum. the hood and the front fenders don't look quite right for an ED model.
  20. May have the latches. Which side do you need? Your pic is of the pass. side. If I find them they will be very crusty and I will send a picture to show condition. Pretty sure I don't have any spare handles.
  21. Don't see these little rigs everyday. The boxer style 6 cylinder air cooled engine appeared to be spotless under the hood bed floor. Ralph Nader was nowhere to be seen.
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