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  1. Damn it Boy! Keep both hands on the wheel! 10 and 2. Easy to remember. 10 and 2. What's next? Were you speeding too?
  2. Good bet would be to score a Midliner repair manual off ebay. Lots of info in factory books.
  3. Gee, haven't we done this before? Still no info from Bandbox? Jerry Keene has owned the place for 50 years so he might know something about the truck and its current location. http://www.bandboxclean.com/bandboxcleaners_005.htm
  4. International is the base for the CAT trucks that they are running. Not much of a leap to go with Navistar products.
  5. Golly, Volvo Mack could have a pretty good business for heritage parts if they wanted.... Nice score Barry!
  6. It appears to be a "Thermodyne" tag like this example. The Thermodyne name was given to Mack overhead valve engines either gasoline or diesel in that time period.
  7. Looks good with Thermodyne gasoline power under the hood.
  8. Truck #80 "BigFoot" 2007 Western Star is currently for sale at Liberty International. Stock #15019 https://www.libertyinternationaltrucks.com/used-trucks.htm
  9. The hood might be OEM to the truck. It was cut with a jigsaw by Bucky the Beaver and is a little rough vs what a factory fiberglass hood with correct molded access panels for snow plow duty.
  10. That would have been an R-402 with a flathead. Offered between 1966-1968 with 219 built. The Dog would have been a real dog!
  11. 210 HP and 372 on torque. Mopar engine legit in a Mack R410. Front bumper, not so much.
  12. Chrysler 413 power under the hood with plenty of room to spare. The 413 was called EN414A by Mack and the R-410 was produced between 1965-1970 with 450 units produced.
  13. Still getting dirty. The tag indicated B-68S so at some point an axle swap took place making a single from a tandem.
  14. Fine looking highway hauler.
  15. This beautiful BB handled the 160 mile round trip to the show with ease.
  16. Great looking rig!
  17. Yup, too fast is no good for heat transfer. Sounds like you will be all set.
  18. The "K" in the eighth position is for glider kit I believe. So, don't know what you have for specs beyond that.
  19. I knew I shouldn't have trusted the valet with my Cadillac...
  20. Have fun Bob! Don't forget you camera/phone.
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