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  1. Doesn't sound horrible. Don't have an official spec either. Have to take into account the running of all the lights, siren and possibly an inverter or rectifier, if equipped.
  2. I would send the booster out as well to be inspected/rebuilt. It could probably use a tuneup after 80 years!
  3. Mmmmm..... so nice to work with clean parts!
  4. Was at the now disbanded Golden Age of Trucking Museum and is currently at the Iowa 80 Truck Museum. It is beautiful! The Diamond T used a variation of the Comfo-Vision cab.
  5. Gasoline powered tractor painted to replicate the look of a local shipper from a few years back. Shared the road with the newly introduce 1953 Mack B model.
  6. Great looking tractor with winch.
  7. There was an OEM set up that ran the pump off the back of the generator. Kevin All may be able to help you with the ball studs and possibly the springs as well. 607-434-1063 upper NY state. I was able to match up springs from Fastenal on a project a few years back. Grainger and MSC would also have springs.
  8. You are correct. Sorry, I was talking on the phone on another issue while typing. CMCAC cooler out front of the radiator.
  9. In 1982, the Tip Turbine (CMCAC) was beginning to be phased out and the ATAAC (air to air after cooled) was being used. CMCAC stayed with the DM model for a while and steel noses for design issues. No place to put the cooler in the front.
  10. OK. The truck was either ordered with that wb or it has been altered to that wb. All sorts of wheelbases were available. Turning radius with 183" is 64 ft. or so.
  11. Center of the front axle to center of the rear suspension.
  12. Depends on the trucks wheelbase. 155" wb. 55 ft. 173" wb. 62 ft. 204" wb. 78 ft. 231" wb. 88 ft. 245" wb. 93 ft.
  13. Fantastic! Will enjoy watching the progress. Mack H model chassis.
  14. The Dog will need a bit more nose to fit a CAT. Earlier RD754 models were CAT equipped but not in a 88 600 series. As mentioned, check the tune of your 350. There are some 350's around here that have plenty of grunt.
  15. Well, isn't that special. Might need the accounting folks in your office impose a BS fee for damages or make the payment checks for the bales a little lighter.
  16. Hmmmm..... At least the ETAZ and 612 are a match!
  17. Yikes! Would rather find some left over gold in the tailings!
  18. I had a wheel one time that would never stay tight. Turned out that it had been run loose for a while and the tapered seats in the wheel had become wallowed out. It would always work loose after tightening. Replaced that one wheel and never had a problem again.
  19. 1958 or 59 Ford C model in a picture from 1964. The other truck is an IH with a chassis mounted backhoe.
  20. It is interesting that in a tandem truck the RM could be ordered with a non driven front axle. Don't think too many were ordered that way!
  21. Stamped. Depending on rust, dirt, grease, the info may be difficult to read.
  22. Owned by Construction Services. Features a Rex Mixer.
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