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  1. Memory says it should be on the drivers side of the block near the block to head joint (head gasket area) just above the generator. Should be a machined pad where the numbers are stamped. Jim
  2. Bypass the dealer and call a good independent truck spring/suspension shop and see if there is a part in the Euclid parts system or comparable. Once again, why can't the dealer look it up? The dealers always claim to want your business....... PITA!!!
  3. Guess he is off the Christmas card list.
  4. Cab is the same but not the firewall section if I recall correctly.
  5. The hood side panels would be the same between the two models and a little tough to find. Yeah, should have done the deal on the EEU. Wasn't even smart enough to take a picture. Jim
  6. A little goose neck trailer so you can move the backhoe around would be the ticket.
  7. Should be saved but will have to do some fabrication work for the hood side panels which are missing and get after the bad floor which is causing the doors to sag. Still kicking myself for not pursuing an EEU fire truck hose tender years ago.
  8. Looks Fantastic!!! Did you also find little Red Riding Hood out there in the woods?
  9. If you already own the trucks and keep records for miles run plus the fuel receipts from other jobs, you can do the math and answer your own question.
  10. Might have to sleep with those lights under your pillow for a week or so before putting them on the truck.
  11. I would think it would be the same tank also. Right hand part sources are going to be over there. Jim
  12. I will give a blink in med to heavy traffic but if it is highballing, I don't bother. Plus, the driver is usually on the phone. Courtesy....?
  13. A good racer is always looking for the next competition. Good job!
  14. It was sad news when I heard of his passing. Talked to Don several times at shows and always interesting conversation. Jim
  15. Looks like a great show with a wide selection of truck brands to check out!
  16. Something like a farm tractor would be best to the floor. I never put a tractor into a van! Adding a false bulkhead to have the front tires ride against would be added insurance in a panic stop. That could be figured out once the weight distribution of the load is set. Most of the E track products have a breaking strength of about 3500 lbs. Jim
  17. Looks like a decorative cover over a steel wheel?
  18. I have a brochure for a B75LS showing a 10 1/2 tall frame at the rear of the truck and 12 1/8 dimension from the back of the front springs to a couple of feet behind the cab. Jim
  19. Now that is a score! Very interesting about the frame.
  20. Depending on use, rails in the floor are good for securing cars. I like leaving the floor alone and keeping it smooth. There are many options for devices that attach to wall e track and load bars to keep you out of trouble. Jim
  21. Your daily commute sucks!!! That is the long direction to travel in VT!
  22. Pizza pie or piece of pie.....Hmmmm?
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