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  1. I missed it, ended up heading down to the big swap meet in Mansfield, that was supposed to be today.
  2. I ran a 350 2valve, it will out pull an e7 427 any day
  3. I will just keep building my own, along with a waste oil drip system.....hahaha
  4. One shot deal

    Now that I see a better picture of where you got it, I know exacty where that was sitting, Wayne has alot of stuff back there.
  6. I will take a real Super Beef sandwich from Nick's or Kelly's from the north shore of Boston where the sandwich came from. You get 2 pounds in a Nick"s super beef.
  7. My buddies mill is Murphy powered, I love the old iron.
  8. He got in to a good thing, that work beats the hell out of being under a truck on the side of 495 at 3am in winter, best of luck to him.
  9. The 88' I run with a 350 E6 eats the 427 powered CH we have any day of the week
  10. Where are the pix of the NEMF B model
  11. This is the little bastard that wiped the mainshaft out, the pilot bearing grenaded and the lack of support killed it. Amazing the grief that the failure of a 20 dollar part can cause.
  12. And the parts guys at Camorata are a pack of assholes too.
  13. I ordered a new mainshaft from Transaxle, $92, with the small parts kit, and other stuff I am in to it for a little over $200. There is nothing to rebuilding one of these, the transmission shops make it out to be black magic.
  14. So with only 58K and a case full of oil my F600 Ford ate the mainshaft. I need either a heavy truck specific NP435 or a 5 speed Spicer or Clark out of a Ford. Does anyone have anything hanging around? I am making a bunch of calls in the morning, but if one of you guys have something taking up space let me know. I am not totaly screwed, I can get the parts, just would rather throw another tranny in and be done with it.