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  1. I need to find $4500 and a place to put it
  2. Coming up on the 30th at there yard in Shrewsbury.
  3. I know Gregg from Facebook
  4. Damn it, you found us
  5. Just sent the link to my buddy
  6. Everything that is going to die in Plymouth goes to the West Plymouth station on 7 hills rd off the old 44. My truck served untill 08. There is a twin up at Steve Almedias junk yard I need to go rob for parts. Plymouth had a dozen of them from the 60's to the 80's
  7. Going to put most of the pipe back on it, mount my welder of the same vintage, have my sign guy replicate the old PFD lettering and drive it.
  8. I have wanted this truck since I was a kid, it served at Plymouth Fire Dept station 6, 3 miles from my house. It is a 1968 International Loadstar 1700 4x4. The pipework and fire body were fabricated by Farrar in Hopkonton MA. I found the truck up in Maine, with the fire body removed and most of the brushbreaker stuff removed. Made a deal with the guy who owned it and she is alot closer to home now. She served for 40 years, and I got to see it in action.
  9. The IH is mine, The 2 Autocars are Cee Jay Amara's he always has tire problems....
  10. I missed it, ended up heading down to the big swap meet in Mansfield, that was supposed to be today.
  11. I ran a 350 2valve, it will out pull an e7 427 any day
  12. I will just keep building my own, along with a waste oil drip system.....hahaha
  13. One shot deal

    Now that I see a better picture of where you got it, I know exacty where that was sitting, Wayne has alot of stuff back there.