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  1. A little Marks Farm of Martinsburg action in your first picture. If you go further north on 12 there are a lot of Macks hanging around at the Murcrest Farm in Burrville (I think?). Also, there is the red and black B61 mixer guarding the concrete plant gate at the south end of Watertown. Just went through there and didn't have the camera ready. What the hell was I thinking? Jim
  2. I have some Mack tools and I am going to put together a kit for my DE. It will take smaller wrenches like 1/2 and 9/16, pliers, hammer and screwdriver. Through the years, I have also find some of the bigger ones like the number 37 and 41 wrenches which is for larger bolts and about 16-18 inches long with the Mack script stamped into them. I have also seen them at the Macungie show flea market. Jim
  3. My understanding is the U model never did but the DM got the +3 cab around 85 (????) Jim
  4. Is this truck on Rt 12 just a little ouside Loweville toward the west? Jim
  5. WoW! Very interesting. One thing I noticed is how the windshield glass is cut. The Mack has rounded corners and the IH looks to have more of a square cut. Some many other features say IH. Was this a case where both cabs came out of Orrville or some other sub contractor? I will be interested to hear the story behind this one. Thanks for sharing. Jim
  6. I think your trucks are St. Germain out of Canada. Here is a link. The colors set them apart from lots of companies around here. Hope you have fun with them. Jim http://www.st-germaintransport.com/ original company http://www.st-germainexpress.com/company kids of original back in the trade www.st-germainexpress.com/ Sorry can't make the second link work.
  7. Great pictures! The green R models look like ex. St. Germain trucking out of Canada. JIm
  8. 1. Mack B75, ED, DE (have) 2. Brockway 359 (have) 3. Mack LTL, LTH 4. Brockway tandem 360 5. Autocar (axle forward) 6. GMC General 7. Peterbilt 359/379 I will probably just stick with what I have because I am out of room and money! Jim
  9. Diamonds were used on this era truck but these are indeed funky. Should have taken a little time to lay out better. Vin has number two as well. Dogs are backwards!!! Battery box location is more an R model deal than a B model. Maybe someone was doing a little kitbashing. They got the sleeper B cab and mounted it on an AMT R model or there abouts. Jim
  10. Hey FT, It is time to sand the shifting levers and put a little satin black paint on them. How is it doing pulling the car around? Jim
  11. Boy!! Grants and Caldors....names from the past. Is it Shop Rite that has a large distribution center on 84 in NY? Nice pictures! Jim
  12. Hmmmm.....stuff to see here? Nothing happened.....nothing to see... Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it... Are any of your friends in 4-H involved with Girl Scouts? How close is their camp area? When I was a Boy Scout, the Girl Scout camp was a short swim across the narrow end of White's Pond. Just saying...
  13. The Euclid story is in Double Clutch March April 2002. The location of the rig is Oak Hill-Pottersdale PA. The truck is a 9FFD 40 ton tandem axle featuring twin 6-71 for power. The story concludes with someone approaching the owner about donating it to a museum in Clearfield. I don't know if the donation happened or not. I am going to keep looking if there is some more info on this deal. Jim
  14. I went to an auction about 8 years ago and there was a very early DM815 that was hydraulic brakes all the way around. Caught me off guard because you just don't expect to see a set up that way. Belonged to a family that was involved with house moving. Jim
  15. Between the first L cab in 1940 to app. the 1950 L cab, they had a one pc. door window glass. NO vent window on the early cab. The vent window L door continued on and was last used in C models in 1965/1966. Jim
  16. Hi Paul, I've spent lots of time with the Steele catalog to try and make a match for the L vent windows and haven't had any luck. I have used Steele products on some other projects and have had good luck. Quality of their parts is very nice. Jim
  17. Yes, it would be nice to have new! I wonder how much the mold would be to make the pair? Also, how many people would actually buy them? Mine were pretty dried out and rough but no huge cracks, splits or other nasty stuff. Took same baby oil and just started working it in and also used a toothbrush. After about 10 twenty minute sessions, the rubber started looking better and my hands weren't too rough either! I had a large container and just let them soak for hours also. Maybe set up wife/girlfriend/kids/neighborhood pest to do it for you while you are doing other things? Sort of a pain that the vent window has to go in before really anything else can happen on the door. Jim
  18. Sorry, no source for vent window L rubber that I know. I checked with Chalmer's several years ago and he had no more. I had to take the best I had in stock and work them in baby oil to loosen them up. On the truck, they look good but if you get up close you can see some small age cracks in the edge. Jim
  19. Sometimes the 800 rpm drop feels a little strange. I have an Mack X107A 6 speed, but on the road you drive it like a 5 speed. It has to go down to 40-42 mph before you can downshift to 4th. If you don't, then it will be above red line after the shift and that will be not a good thing. If you have been doing your training on an 8LL Fuller you will be in pretty good shape because that trans is very popular and the typical spec for vocational type truck use these days. Jim
  20. Hey Brocky, Do you think that Brockway is ex-NYDOT? Very truckly looking! Jim
  21. That would have been one hell of a prize! Only one in the neighborhood. Hopefully for 75 large, someone has a plan for it and not a run it 'til you ruin deal. Jim
  22. I would pres. wash to get rid of the grease. Then use black beauty to blast them. A DA (to me) would take too much time and paper if really loaded with paint. Also, if blasted might reveal a hidden crack that the DA wouldn't. Jim
  23. If I understand the story correctly, the Gerosa Mack which nows belongs to Marino Crane was a Cummins V-12 when built new. It then got repowered at some point. Maybe 600 HP straight six??? Also, I think that Marino's has a torque converter but has a couple of sticks to give it many gearing choices. Yup, hope this one stays here! Jim
  24. The imported LTL is probably the one with the Hall-Scott engine. I like the looks of the Roo bars on the Superliner! Jim
  25. I realize you want the numbers off the existing parts but here are some numbers that may help. Maybe they could help in crossing to get what you need in new parts. Slack 25QD21DP38 Chamber 19QE221P29 Type 20 maxi 5396-MA15772 Jim
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