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  1. Looks like there was a fine selection of the breed at the show. Thanks for the pictures Mike!
  2. Years ago, there was a gas station in the little town I grew up in that offered a summer to winter air changeover for your car tires! Even had a plywood sandwich board sign out front advertising it.
  3. Great Pics OD! Nothing better than classic racing Camaro's! I believe both cars are actually 1967 unless some parts have been swapped. The 1967 Camaro had the vent window on the door and 68/69 had one piece door glass (no vent window). Jim
  4. With that Cummins, he probably can keep up with traffic on his way back to TX!
  5. I can't watch that show! Sooo bad! And I have been know to watch some pretty bad tv through the years. Even a couple of good looking wimmins can't save the program because they are just as dumb or act just as dumb as the rest of the cast...oooops, real people in real situations. Yeah, right! Jim
  6. There is not a tubeless one piece wheel for true 24" spokes. Jim
  7. Geesh...forgot all about your shock therapy! Glad it wasn't any worse. Jim
  8. After haying, I just wanted a shower as fast as possible! We didn't have a round baler or one of the big square balers that shoot out a "cord" sized bale either. Finally, got a drag style bale buncher and thought we were livin' large! Jim
  9. Your work shop area looks excellent! Jim
  10. Lots of good trucks will be offered at that auction!
  11. Let's skip the cake and just get a case of Twinkies. Back on the shelves this weekend. Happy Birthday!
  12. Your neighbors love you because there is always something interesting going on. C'mon Honey, wait til you see THIS one!
  13. Great Pics! The girl on the ladder must also enjoy eating oranges and apples. Oranges and apples = melons? Just a guess.....
  14. That's a lousy way to spend the 4th. Take it easy and rest up and get well. Jim
  15. Yes, both on and off road were available. There was an LMT available which was a conventional single axle tractor and a LMU cabover rated at 36,000. The LMU brochure is dated 1945 and on the front page says that certain parts or equipment may be restricted due to the war. Can't comment on the through the hood exhaust pipe but for offroad applications, it certainly got the exhaust out of the way. When running 14's, I want to say the width was 106" (I think). I will have to check on the 65,000 LJ if that was a special or standard, memory is running on empty.
  16. GVW for a LJSWX is in the 50,000-55,000 range. LM's were 60,000 plus. Also, depending on specs, LM's could get quite wide and would need permits for movement. Jim
  17. Was there a camera crew following this guy around? Maybe I can see the results on Shipping Wars in a couple of weeks! Jim
  18. It does look a little toed out.
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