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  1. I move my 160 on a 3 axle tag. It's very light, about 16-17 tons. Very nice machine, mine is a full time grading machine. Has a 5' grading bucket on a swivel attachment.
  2. 1987 RD686SX. Still drive it now but learned to drive it when I was 14 hauling stone on a private haul road from the quarry to our job.
  3. With the state wide permits that are on my trucks my tri-axle is good for 70,000 which is about 21.25 tons and my tandem is good for 65,000 which is about 18.75 tons. There are grandfather down state permits that allow a tri-axle to have a gross weight of 79,000 which gives most 24-25.5 tons. I have a friend with a very light International with an aluminum body that is legal at 27-27.5 if it will fit. You had to have permits before they started the state wide permits in order to get the grandfather rights and permits. That's just my understanding, so if someone knows if I'm right or not please let me know.
  4. Thank you! I couldn't imagine life or the business without the shop to be honest. That is only a little bit of it. We also keep our International mechanics truck, 2 F-350 utility body trucks, and an F-450 utility truck in there as well. We have a second small shop that we started out in with a 550 flat bed and a 350 pick up in too. Other then the equipment and the trailers, the only thing that is kept outside is my single axle dump which is unfortunate but I just don't have the space for it inside.
  5. Thank you, no Stony Point is in the Hudson Valley. I'm right by West Point.
  6. Thank you for the compliment. I take a lot of pride in them. My father likes dirty trucks because it means they are working. While I can agree with that, I'm the main one driving right now and I like driving them when they are clean. The RD and the CL are always head turners.
  7. My 3. Today ended bath time for the 3. It's real hard keeping them clean this time of the year. Got to take care of them if I want them to take care of me.
  8. The thought has crossed my mind about ours. Would defiantly be cool!
  9. 3 Milky Way darks and a hardey hand shake!
  10. Was talking to a friend of mine today. They came up with it on a set up that was only permitted for 130,000 I think he said and it went over the scales at 224,000.
  11. Saw this out there last week. Very impressive to see one on a trailer like that.
  12. Thanks Barry, that's much appreciated!
  13. Wow that's a real shame but as long as nobody got hurt trucks can be fixed or replaced.
  14. Would be nice if Lund would make a small run of these. Would make things much easier!
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