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  1. didn't the aluminum radiator shell come out around 56 57? or was it 58? when were tubeless tires first available??
  2. probably should offer up the rest of the truck for that price to....
  3. im sure we're all on the same page and regardless, im lookin at a 10 grand running driving truck that NEEDS restoration
  4. remember going by there 15-20 years ago and they had cabs on pallet racking up high
  5. You could not give me a motorhome. after workin in a big truck garage long enough and servicing those things half the springtime, they are all junk. we have rebuilt a few that have been in accidents to. total junk full of zip screws and spray foam
  6. been there, and had the panel in and out 10 times, chipped paint on door edge, opened and closed door 100 times to get it right, cracked door glass. been down all those roads. I guess if it was east everyone would do it right? B model doors and gut installation can try your mind
  7. 285 Maxidynes with tip turbines were gold, 300+'s were that red color with the tip turbine as far as I know. kinda like a red 'Glyptol'color
  8. try some PB Blaster sprayed on the window channel first Larry. might be messy for a bit but everything needs lube
  9. 1956 B model cab. worst rust is door hinge areas. floors are pretty solid. back is almost dent free with the usual rust on bottom. $500 or make me an offer. located in Upstate Ny.
  10. i have seen the same box made by signal stat and KD also.
  11. yup with no door hinge cover plates and that garbage signal light switch puts it at least 1963 and newer
  12. I remember that black LJ tandem with red bumper at Macungie years ago
  13. still has that shitty Isuzu/Kodiak look of the 2003-2008 Chevy Kodiak trucks that mostly Schwanns used. I dunno we are waitin for the word that ours is in. have the new tow body waiting in the shop for install
  14. depends on which Monoshift and duplex you have??? if you are takin a 67 series out and putting one in youll be fine with mounts. same with a 72 series. I think the floor was cut for a monoshift same as a duplex with the tear drop hole. if you install the triplex there is a lot more work.
  15. would like that L cab B in my collection. just dunno if its 5 grand for 50 grand.....
  16. no doubt that B was probably done back when you could buy a new front clip from Tidewater reasonably as the sheetmetal looks straight
  17. ialways thought Miss Jesse started out as a B75 and Waylon had a shop make it a B77 or B773, somewhere I have read a story of the Diesel shop he used back in the day for his fleet. he also had an F model and I have seen pictures of a cabover KW
  18. blowing snow=blocking it out, theres the simple explanation. that goes way back to the B model years with the Summer and Winter setting on the air cleaner
  19. JC whitney has the solid foam in different sizes. I used it for vent and doors before. the hollow core stuff is totally garbage in a B model
  20. went to the local paint glass and body supply store Larry. I cheaped out and only put the chrome beaded stuff on the top where people could see. put the cheap window channel in the channel in the panel itself. I used black weatherstrip adhesive. I think the window wipes themselves I used generic cut to fit stuff. maybe for an 70's Ford or square body Chevy. I have used R model stuff on a B model before to
  21. that Franchi red R appears to be a mix and match of parts?? old style cab with short back, new style grab handle and roof lights, older style R600 emblem, 1979ish hood with the rear fender crease, 1980's style fuel tanks....
  22. are you offering deals for all 12 days thru New Years day like in past year Barry?
  23. we ordered a 4500. I meant when you think about a truck with 22.5's your usually talkin air brakes to and above 2600 gvw. granted there are some IH Penske trucks with juice brakes also with 22'5. to me I hate the 03-08 Kodiak 45-6500 series. the Duramax was a great engine in a pick up or one ton as long as people kept their fingers out of them. we have a 1 ton 05 wrecker at work with a Miiller body on it with almost 300,000 hard miles on it. that's the one the new 4500 is replacing. we have also had 5-6 of the 4500 old van cab series Kodiaks with flatbeds on them. they see a lot of abuse but it seems your always fixing something on them and the interior plastics and panels left a lot to be desired. that being said we have a few with 400,000 miles on them but god are they rattle traps. th last 'Real Kodiak' as I call them was our 2000 , 6500 with a little 3206 Cat and 7 speed spicer in it with the pickup style cab Detroit locker. that was a good truck. I think when GM went with the van style Isuzu cab it left a lot to be desired. glad they have went back to the pickup style cab
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