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  1. god it was a sad day when that overpaid shitbag made it back on TV. rumor has it OCC begged Discovery to put them back on the air.
  2. gotta be careful with the explanation Larry a lot of the new Werner , Jbhunt and Walmart and UPS express trucks are comin thru with junk disk brakes and the cans are perpendicular to the backin plated to. they are nice for stopping power but about useless in a rusty climate and dirty back road climate.
  3. love how them aussies always seem to have wider rims on the front even with daytons. not 425 floaters but more than a 11 22.5
  4. i liked these when i first saw them about 4 months ago. really like the orange one they did but the real problem is I'm pretty sure all Super 10's were 2wd and 4wd's wouldn't be a Cheyenne. having just sold a pristine 77 Cheyenne Super 10 and a diehard chevy guy I'm kinda let down. and those wagon wheels they sound like they searched and searched for, are nothing more than stock work truck chevy wheels they make today painted white
  5. also keep in your head,''it is gonna take 5 gears to get to 55mph.... space them accordingly. same with a triplex or quad within reason, its gonna take me 15 or 20m gears to get to 55mph loaded.... and don't let anyone fool you, if your empty even with a triplex you only have a 5 speed, the rest we're all just showing off
  6. there were not many B42's made with a tach and in my experience the 77 series trans behind a 401 or the smaller transmissions are not forviving like the bigger 67 and 72 series and they HATE being shifted without the clutch. the wander could be in the steering box. did you set the toe on the tie rod an 1/4 inch in? and i know the later B42's had stops on the frame for the pitman arm and they sucked. made the turning radius horrible, you could also have the stop bolts in the backside of the spindle screwed out too far
  7. and then of course because its a Mack and OLD put it up for sale for 5 times what it worth and then get mad when no one buys it and end up scraping it.....
  8. that's a B62 radiator btw. mice love old Macks. we had a b61 we bought that wouldn't turn over, turns out the mice went up the exhaust, found and open valve and built a nest on top of the piston!. turned it one way then the other, didn't have enough clearance to outdue the nest without pulling the head. they love air cleaners to, have had to clear out a few after sittin for years and glad i did before we tried to start the engine
  9. that truck has been painted like that for as long as i can remember. think i have a workhorses of yesteryear calender with in in the 80's or early 90's
  10. and an early 65 or 66 R model. i don't think the marker lights lasted long next to the headlights. coulda even been a 711 or 673t
  11. i dare say that truck is probably a B42 or a B62. both commonly repowered with 160 and 180 cummins motors years ago when the gas jobs let go. hard tellin if your radiator is original to either model. they were different between a B42, B62 and the original B61 diesel radiators came in a small one or the larger radiators that completely filled the horse collar was fittin to B61 turbo trucks or trucks with 711 motors
  12. hate to say it but I'm gonna, OK how many old timers covered millions of miles in a B model with no power steering? unless your jockeying trailers around all day with an old B model with a small steering wheel and a 517 front axle, over the road, you don't need power steering! yes there were some B models with factory PS but it was an option and not every truck got it
  13. or better yet the early 1953 B models were stamped on the rear of the frame near the roll by the spring hanger so with any modification, it might be non exhistent
  14. let me walk into Mack and give them that part number. them shitbags would laugh. Christ it was hard enough ordering B model door handles or Mack emblems 10 or 15 years ago. i talked to Barry about 905 Bostroms with the bulldog emblem at Macungie. he said he has had a lot of interest but there is a minimum order.... dunno what is minimum but it seems maybe you can sit on an order of 25 if your selling 1 a week and if your not doubling the price.... people might actually buy more than one.... just sayin. there is not a person on this board who would not pay a REASONABLE amount for a chrome shell, bumper, fenders, vent windows , lund style visors or air ride nice seats and headliners and floor mats. cause i don't care what B model you dragged in, they all need every one of those pieces. someone needs to start making this stuff and reasonable, we will all pay a reasonable price and probably buy more than 1.....
  15. a member on here owns that truck, think it says 309 or 509 on the left front fender
  16. i scrapped a B62 that someone swapped in a 673 and used the original 10 speed 72 series. they actually torched the trans mounts, moved them back and rewelded them . this had the smaller bell on the 72 series. never understood that cause you could get the 67 or 72 behind a 464 gas job. the mounts look the same but even the front motor frame mount is different between say a B62 or B68 and a B61 so i assume its the same for an H series
  17. 67 the bell is mated to the trans all in one piece. the 72 has a removeable bell and some 72 series had as smaller bell but they are scarce. not sure what you actually have without more pictures.
  18. 67 series was a cheaper box. id go with the bigger box. and they mounts may look the same but they are different between the two
  19. kinda hard to tell by the pictures but it looks like one is a 67 and one is a 72 series? i maybe be wrong
  20. M and G's were everywhere when i was a kid runnin Brigadiers i think mostly on low pros. i think they had a yard out of Selkirk Ny or close?
  21. gotta be more specific. lookin for a vintage B model junk series 673t or the better 60's and 70's endt673b or c motor 225 and 250 horse
  22. i think that was one of Matt Pfahl's first restorations. that's the truck Franklin Mint modeled the yellow B61 dump truck and diorama after. maybe not his first cause Jane Anne was but know it was in the first batch along with a B42 fire tanker truck.
  23. i can top this idiot. we got called to go tow an abandoned Maggot wagon of I90 the other day. must have broke down and sat there all night, driver quit and vanished. we get there 10 hours later and its sittin on Amsterdam hill on I90 in NYS. go to hook to it and it starts rolling, guy got out and never set the brakes on the truck or trailer, ON the hill........
  24. had one of to those shirts in a Large and xl. sad to say i need a 2 x now a days cough cough. wish they still sold them,i did dig out my Tidewater Mack Chesapeak va B model shirt the other day, size LARGE.
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