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  1. have seen an early 1953 B model with the frame numbers stamped over the right rear spring hanger in the same spot as the L models were
  2. old junk. wanting to put some newer bulldog embossed seats in it.
  3. bell housing bolts in your old 10 speed duplex, lets hope its a 72 series might be 3/8 the. 237's have 7/16ths bolts. no biggie just drill them out. if you have a 67 series trans, your screwed, sounds like someone already did the hard work. radiator crossmember needs to be shimmed 1/4 inch for the diesel engine balancer, you need the 673 waterpump and crank hub also. throttle linkage might work but its a crap shoot and the exhaust and intake tubing is at your own design
  4. old square body chevy in the back as blocker to …..those pans always amazed me. too young to see them at work. did they have to clear everything, stumps and everything and the pans were just used for grade? or were there no stopping them?
  5. good luck. been trying to get seats like that for a few years. if Barry would have them made and supplied id buy 2 or 3 pair, at a reasonable price,
  6. pretty sure most of Masons B67's had the big square tanks not seen on any other B models, the big radiator and 673 turbos with old school R96 Roadrangers. Schwerman tank lines also ran R96 roadrangers in the B models.
  7. looks like Erie wheels to me similar in style to a B42 from 59-61. dunno why Mack did it but those are the only years on B42's they used those hubs with the hidden bolts
  8. add to the confusion,,,in Canada Horizontal shutters were an option on any B model I have heard... to keep the snow from plugging them up. have even seen a few examples
  9. isn't it pull it backwards to lock?? push forward to open?? I mean that is if you don't put the handle in upside down with the spike in the air??
  10. makes ya wonder... we have had maggot wagons pull into out shop or get escorted in by dot and be missin a set of duals on a loaded trailer.... never knew where they went.... wtf????
  11. 3 leaf walkin beam on 34's by the looks of it. possibly 38's
  12. bump, doesn't anyone have a nice tan, white or mint green R model wheel laying around???/
  13. in this day and age and for peace of mind and with them being so reasonable I wouldn't even take a chance. throw it away and out a new one on the legs. unless its vintage, fifth wheels are disposable . been a few incidents in recent years up here in Ny with all the scrap and garbage haulers,,, they use a big hoe to push the load down, ended up cracking the fifth wheel down the middle and trailer came unhooked and took out a family van and killed them.not worth it.
  14. that Lund visor on that wide Autocar cab cant be an easy one to come by?/
  15. wow that's some straight B model sheet metal right there.... now time to get some bugs splattered on it. cant help but think none of these new generation bugs ever encountered a B model comin down the road?
  16. so why bother posting a bragging picture?? he was looking for one For Sale...
  17. somewhere in the last few years a $600 scrap B model is worth $2500 and a $2500 one is worth $6000... guess I should start sellin off mine..
  18. wheres the part where the greedy lazy grandson of the company owner (who went in the hospital) didn't wanna work and wanted to sell off assets and not work a day in his life??
  19. the White 4000 series with the Reo 200 or 220 Gold Comet was a bad ass powerful engine, the rest of the truck was pretty much junk. maybe good over the road but would not hold up in heavy road construction, same with the Diamond Reos on the same platform, the 549 V200 ih s and the 850 series Fords, beat them in heavy road construction and they would fall apart. exhaust, fuel tanks, spring hangers were just not as tough as an old Mack. this was a time when people up here In the north were scepticle on Diesels and gas jobs were still the In thing, the motors were powerful but they trucks around them were not as tough
  20. not sure that's even a 74. 74 might not have had that bumper and grille looks like an 80's that bolted to the air to air and I don't think a 74 had those front hubs and would not have said econodyne
  21. was def a 477, tandem tractor, red with white headliner and white steering wheel and dash insert, 5 and a 3, was not a slouch I been told but the 549 V200's we had would walk them all if you could keep them together.
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