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  1. Is he the gentleman who bought grandpa? Is he a member on here? I know my brother in law said he would like us to come see it when he's done 😄
  2. True, but I'm glad it will be fixed up and preserved
  3. My brother in law sold grandpa yesterday 😔 I'll miss that truck and all the work I've done to it. A guy in Baltimore bought it and plans to restore it and put it in his museum with this truck. I'm glad it will be fixed up and given it good home. I hope he's on here and can see my post
  4. They sold grandpa today 😔, a guy from Baltimore bought and said he's going to fix it up and put it in his museum with this truck 😄, I can't wait to see it restored. I hope this guy is on here
  5. I should've been more specific I'm sorry 😔, the r model and granite mp7 are the company I work for full time, Grandpa (yellow truck)is my brother in law's and business partners truck
  6. They're selling the truck 😔, I'll have pictures and info later when I get pictures of it
  7. Grandpa has an e6 350 with a 12spd and 55k rears and looks and feels heavy spec
  8. We only run it in Delaware, it never goes out of state, although I trust this more than the mp7 granite I usually use
  9. Would anyone be interested in those 12r24.5s or trading them for 11or 12.00r24? I know David might be interested in them.
  10. It'll do 65 with that, surprisingly better than the mp7 and 10spd, the only thing would be that 237 would be singing to the top of its lungs at around 1900-2000, while the mp7 would hit 65mph by next Sunday at 1650 and be governed at that speed.
  11. This combined is 120k with a 237 and a 6 spd embarrasses the hell out of a mp7 and 10spd in the granite I usually pull this trailer with, although it's overweight with the 12k steers and 38k rears lol🤣. Every chance I get to embarrass that granite with ol R I do lol
  12. I think it's one of the best trucks around too, that and the Rs
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