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  1. Sounds a little crazy but any chance the truck is bent? Like the frame sideways or pulled out of square? This will cause big problems with motor/transmission alignment.
  2. Let us know what you found or find out, I have a '97 mechanical E7 with the exact same symptoms! Thanks, Chris
  3. I feel another strong argument for "real" motors in fire apparatus is brake HP. We have three midsize engines ie: 8.3, ISL9, and that god forsaken KME Maxxforce thing. Being completely unimpressed with any of their ability to hold back, especially at low RPM, we now are buying larger displacement motors with real Jacobs compression brakes. We have been running the DD13 @ 515hp in our #42,000 engine flawlessly for a little over a year. It stops consistently without using the brakes. We will take delivery of our 2nd DD13 in a couple months. I agree FWD lots of smoke and mirrors, but honestly, no one out there currently is even in the same ballpark as the big "P". Our rig is designed by us top to bottom. Even when their engineers said "why" we answered "it's what WE need to operate"!!!
  4. The cornbinder isn't mine...I would never have such a thing!!
  5. The new apparatus will not de-rate if pumping or the aerial is in use. However they will de-rate during responses or while driving. Our training guy from Pierce last year had a Detroit slide in the program, describing regen issues. If the apparatus is pumping, it will not de-rate or regen. It will, I quote "PROVIDE FULL POWER TO THE GRAVE". I'm not gunna lie...that quote made me smile!! On a side note, we bought a Detroit DD13 @ 515HP. It has been a very good power plant so far. Unlike many of the newer motors it has great low end and provides excellent power throughout the full RPM range. Very strong engine brake (Jacobs), and no regen or emissions issues to date. We will be taking delivery of our second one in January.
  6. Did that come from Balla's? I was there the other day and looked at the LM there, it's gas...I remembered him having a diesel one from Kemps?
  7. If you come across a brass stream straightener and tips for a 2 1/2 I'm interested. We are missing the one for the stang on our 41 Diamond T. Thanks, Chris
  8. Boy not many of them left like that one!! I just bought a what I would call really clean 1991 RM6904X, EM7 300, 5 speed, top speed on the governor 38 mph, but its nothing like that! TF Green Airport in Providence is selling their fleet of RMs on publicsurplus.com, I've heard the trucks are very nice due to no corrosives being used at the airport.
  9. My 97 mechanical E7 has a pop out the exhaust on 1 cylinder when idling or not under a load. Also when the throttle is unloaded (cruising) around 1000 to 1300 it seams to skip and shake. No funny smoke cold or hot. Full load, no pop, no skip pulls VERY good. I have cracked the lines...does what its supposed to, adjusted valves, been to a good Mack garage and they couldn't find a good reason. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Chris
  10. Does anyone know if the plastic piece glued into the nose that the headlight bolts into is available? I have the other parts....having a little trouble with this one. Thanks, Chris
  11. Seems like the Elephants are doing a great job so far! And I believe your right, I'm sure if your state workers weren't union they would work like dogs instead of sitting in the truck all day! HA! How about some management of the lazy thugs from the NON-union supervisors instead of just stealing your tax dollars, after all they are the highest paid of the group.
  12. Ya your right unions suck!! Everyone liked having 13 year old factory workers getting killed routinely and no labor laws related to pay, time, benefits, safety... the list is long! No matter how you cut it, the majority of blue collar workers in this country are riding on the coat tails of benefits created by organized labor. (that's union workers for the simple minded). I guess I'll keep paying my dues and let the cards fall where they may while you keep leaching off my benefits!
  13. I'm leaning toward believing him. It's Detroit's power point presentation that contains the info. I assume DD wouldn't present it that way if it wasn't true.
  14. State Line Mack in Fitzwilliam, NH was doing tires on an AC (their AC) the other day. Not uncommon to see a B model their for work...
  15. Um...a Mack garage that doesn't work on anything older than 2000??? Sounds like you best find a new Mack garage, that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard.
  16. Interesting comment about the computer shutting down! We have 2 newer engines a 2013 ME and a 2015 Pierce. The KME goes into limp whatever you want to call it ALL the time. thing is a total hunk of shit. We did our training with the Pierce rep his exact quote "there is no limp mode, it's full power to the grave". That's what I like to hear!!!! Oh BTW very nice pack of dogs there!!
  17. RDxxxP had full depth double frame all the way to the front...Mainly for municipal application with plow gear.
  18. It works, the local Mack dealership here has done a few....Certainly is the best way to get the good stuff between the rails!
  19. Are they 4:64 ratio? Obviously there is catastrophic failure, however the 4:64s are more prone to gear failure due to the size of the gears and the contact area. They spall the hard face off and the end is near.
  20. Check the fitting on the front of the front head. It has a small plastic line that runs down to the back of the pump. I had to replace the fitting on mine, it has a small rubber thingy in it. My 91 E7 did the exact same thing yours is doing and that fixed it.
  21. Did you do anything to prevent the rails from rusting for the next caretaker? The best thing I've seen is drill and tap the outer and add grease fittings every foot or so. Then you can pump oil or grease between the rails.
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