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  1. cstaples, I have rechromed stream straighteners and tips. Please call 301-643-1926. Jeff
  2. I'm only doing what he asked me to do. Make your own assumptions if you want. Truck's have been sold. Glad to have NOT done business with you!! Jeff
  3. Waldorf md. L model still here an lots of Elkhart brass and equipment. Call me 301-643-1926. Jeff
  4. B model sold this morning, have lots of equipment an the L model to go
  5. Ok sent maddog some pics, guy's I do better with the phone than email. Please call, and can't open the mps.
  6. Ok looks like the B 75 will go to scrap yard, I've gotten no interest in it. L model will bae around for another month. If. It doesn't move it will also go to scrap yard. Sorry to say it but that's. Reallity. Jeff
  7. Waldorf md. Still digging in, lot's of Elkhart brass. Nozzles chrome discharges steamer covers, gated wyes. 2 ladders, roof an 3 section 35 footer, stream straighteners an tips for deck guns. Probably best to call me.most is to hard to get too right now(No floor space).
  8. Roto rays no, mars lights bunch of them, along with deck guns, nozzles couplings. Smoke ejector, lightbars, a bell for an American lafrance. And somewhere a bell for the B model. A set of front fenders for the L j model. 5 booster reels. And numerous sirens.
  9. Will get some good ones by weeks end. Had to clear lots of stuff just to get to them. Making progress.
  10. B model is a 75 not a 61, engine is a 505 rebuilt an never started, stored inside for the last 22 years. LJ has the 707 an was running when stored inside in the same time frame.
  11. Ok have lots of equipment, just haven't dug it out yet. Everything is here to put the B model back together. One thing we don't have is alot of hose. Jeff
  12. Guy's please see my post in the antique/ classic section.
  13. New to site, Hi guy's my father in law has these to open cab Macks, have been stored indoors for over 25 years. Both need total resto. But are in good condition. Many parts and equipment i.e. circle D lights cord reels fans sirens lights fenders, pumps and a few transfer cases. Health force's this offer of these trucks and equipment. Please call 301-643-1926 if you're interested.
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