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1967 Mack R model V8


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1 hour ago, doubleclutchinweasel said:

That's where I'm at.  Not sure where that truck is.  Will have to investigate.

That dog should definitely be rescued. I think it will certainly follow you home LOL

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First I was thinking it was one of those Chrysler V8 deals since it looks like a light duty spec. Maybe an R400? The front hubs look almost like a medium duty weight rating. But the listing says diesel so I'm guessing its an 864 V8. If so, hopefully it runs and doesn't need anything major because I hear parts for those are basically non existent anymore.....

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17 minutes ago, tjc transport said:

Pictures show, but not running video.

I figured as much.  I don't do Facebook.  Wife does.  She contacted the seller and sent me the stuff.  I had no way of knowing if it worked or not.  Seller would not tell us where the truck could be seen.  When I run across something that is only accessible through, Facebook, I generally just keep right on moving.

I watched the startup video.  It sounded a little rough initially, but smoothed out.  Well, as smooth as a V8 diesel gets.  I'm betting it's an R615, with the normally-aspirated V8 in it.  Looks like a Duplex from what I can see on the shift plate.  Light rear springs (no overloads).  Does look like a double-reduction carrier.  Frame does not appear to have had a 5th wheel on it, unless I am missing something.  I can't tell WHAT it has been used for.

I would love to have had that single-axle chassis when I had my ST.  Would have put that light, single rear under mine.

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"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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