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Emeryville DCO405

james j neiweem

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Boy that certainly is a good looking sob thanks for the post my uncle hadda later emeryville way back in around 1962 I don’t even remember exactly what year but I was just a young kid he hadda fleet of brockways but for some reason he owned that IH cab over and a 50s GMC maybe he started with them both not sure… Bob

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Thanks for the comments. My buddy was a really nice guy and had a great family. I was looking through some pictures and found some of an L model tilt cab which means IH built it's first tilt cabs maybe 51-52. The emblem on the hood is indicative of the L model and the four horizonal grill bars indicate tilt cab. Non tilts only had three bars. The truck now resides in OZ.





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7 hours ago, Brocky said:

I Learn something every day!! I did not know any of the Hi-Binder's tilted.. The ffirst prorotype Emeryville was built by Diamond T.. Possibly industrial espionage prevention????? It has Diamond T badges and the glass block windows are in the Diamond T plant pictures.


Brocky, Didn't they also use this cab (from the step/running board up) as a cab forward like my MB? Look on the side under the DT emblem there is a half circle where the steer wheel would go. And only the top half of the grill and one pair of headlights were used. Budd made the cabs for Ford (and Mack N model?) did the same thing, cab over and cab forward.    .....Hippy

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Correct aluminum cabs, in all the 3 cab sizes built. But from my reading of Crismon's International Truck book/bible the early low rise cabs were steel. Not sure if any of the low rise were aluminum!

I have seen pictures of the DCO 405's being built in the Illinois plant considering that the majority of the built DCO's were operating east of the Rockies, especially in big fleet operators. For about 4 yrs (early 60's) the DCO 405's were the highest selling class 8 truck in USA. The low rise cab models which came out first around 1956 were widely used by local east coast council's for waste units, fire trucks, local delivery trucks and US military.

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