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Old frieghtliners in the weeds.


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50 minutes ago, Bullheaded said:

Not now, but there was a time an aluminum hood Freightliner conventional would put a Pete or KW to shame.

Yes, but that was when White still owned them. IH with the 4200, and 4300 series conventionals of the 1970's were good looking trucks also in the timeframe. All were shaken to pieces in many examples as spring suspension and solid mounted cabs were still in mainstream use. Now that is considered "cruel, and unusual punishment".

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1 hour ago, Truck Shop said:

                               1960 and the second of only two built in 60, with a total of 15 built from 60 to 64. Notice it says Freightliner on the emblem not White Freightliner. These were built by Freightways Manufacturing outside of the

                                White Corporation.

I didn't even know they made conventionals back then! That is one odd looking truck. I remember in the early 70's there was the "Big 4"...White, Freightliner, Autocar, and Western Star.

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From what I have read, that was the very first conventional prototype they made.


I'm starting to get a new appreciation for these other trucks now because back in the day NOTHING existed to me other than Mack and International.

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                                     There are only two prototypes left, Rick Nocks {I think that's his name] has one that came from Portland area. And this one here , Rick contacted me about this one. But I think it's a little too rich for everyone's blood. 

One ping only

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