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Detatchable goose neck lowboys.


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I know we have discussed "HIGHWAT THRU HELL" before, I can't remember what forum we were on???    Last week   I watched the episode  where Jamie Davis went to the Yukon to retrieve  a damaged van trailer.     I have hauled lots of everything on a lowboy.    Both ground bearing and nonground bearing detatchable type.     My question is , " After Jamie disconnected the goose neck from the lowboy deck,  What did he do with that goose neck that was hanging on the back of his truck still hooked into the 5th wheel, to be able to use that same truck to hook up to the van trailer to back it onto the lowboy ?          If he had had a sissor neck  trailer ,,   no problem.        Or did I miss something?

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5 hours ago, Hobert62 said:

Swishy, you forgot to chain the tractor down.  

Where's Vic roads when you need 'em...LOL

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