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B model mack restoration

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As 57BCR says that is an almost impossible part to find and if you do find one it will be pricey. I have seen them advertised for $2000.00 plus.

Kind of makes me wonder why some enterprising soul with access to a laser and a mill doesn't reproduce them out of stainless.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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B model vent windows haven't been available through Mack for quite a while.  The windows show up on ebay and other places for sale ever so often.  Last NOS pair that I heard about was $1,600.00 for the pair and they sold in a New York minute.

With patience and $$$ they can be rebuilt.  It will be less than 1600 bucks!


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Kuis, I too had to rebuild my vent window frames.  However, I had four frames to work with and have one complete window left over and one frame that needs some work. The driver's window is complete with handle and glass and is in decent shape...needs rubber.  The ditch side frame (inside and outside) needs some clean-up, a bit of welding, new rubber and glass.  I have a handle for it but not the stem the handle goes on.  I will attempt to post photos.  E-mail me at greasley@cox.net if interested.  Don't need a bunch of money for these things...just trying to help out.




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