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My truck may be getting new seats

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I find out in another week if a second back surgery is needed had it done six years ago and picked up to big a piece of cut firewood last Monday and Im back to what it was the first time. Im toying around with installing a set of air ride seats in the truck I really hate to do it and alter the original interior the seats in it now are in great condition but the old Viking T bar cant compare with a good air ride seat. I have a line on getting four of them and they come close to matching the old ones here is a couple of pics I can get them at a good price Im sure I can sell the extra two when I get the four. Is there any call for the original seats maybe for a restoration I hate the throw them in the shed and forget about them if someone could use them.




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I have found that the air ride seats are firmer than the fixed base seats. I am referring to the padding of the seats.

I try to find the sweat spot for the air ride so it does not bottom out.

I do agree that if it bottoms out it is quite a jolt.

I wonder it you could put second air bag in there so it did not bottom out hard?

Now for the summer we used to use beach towels as seat covers. This eliminated the vinyl issue and they were washable. I hate the hot vinyl on my legs when I wear shorts. For that issue leather is just as bad. We used to modify one end so they stayed on the seat back. On low back seats we sewed the end to form a pocket. On the Toyota seat we added grommets in which the headrest posts went through

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If you get a good quality air ride seat you can also adjust the firmness too. I can leave very little air in it and it won't bottom out. Or you can set it to bounce away.

That feature should be standard on all air seats. I don't like to sit close to the floor but in an R model the proper amount of air for my weight had me positioned higher than I wanted. It would've been nice to have height and weight adjustments that worked independently.

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