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Electric Fuel Pump

Charlie Hatfield

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What is a good electric fuel Pump for a 707 gas burner, the one we have is a "Made In China" and you have to smack it sometimes with a rubber mallet to get it to work!

lol....oh theres a surprize,,,,sorry cant help ya,,,but i would try napa,,,and tell them you want thier best good luck..bob

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My father has put Napa electric fuel pumps on our B85, 85LS and 405A and my 1928 Chevy Coupe. The 85LS had two of them on when I got the truck. We replaced them with one new one. They work great. The 85LS has some issue where the crank case if filling with gas, but I think that is a carb problem, not a fuel pump. I bought a pressure regulator, but have not put it on yet. I can get the part number for the fuel pump if you want.


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if I remember correctly I crossed the Napa part number that Yarnall gave me and came up with the Carter P4070. Also the old electric fuel pump on my truck now pumps at the same P.S.I. As the Carter without any sort of regulator. Hope that helps......

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