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CL B model


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I went and looked at this truck a few weeks ago. I have been looking for a tandem for a while to go with my single axle. It was about a 5 hour drive one way for me. It is a decent truck but I would not say it is show ready but I guess that would depend on your definition. The cab seemed real solid and the truck was probably real nice when first restored. Both front fenders are rusted out in the bottom front the usual spot. They have been patched with body filler but that is coming out. Bottom corners of both doors have body work starting to come out. The passenger door does not fit real well maybe just needs some alignment. Both vent windows are nice. Frame looks good. Serial number on title matches frame but not tag on door. Has holes in cab floor like the truck had a pto at one time. Steer tires are good. All drive tires have good tread but sidewalls are cracking. One of the rear stainless fenders has been bent really bad since those pictures in the ad were taken. The owner said one of his guys tried to back it under a low trailer. The windshield seal is leaking and allowing water in the cab. Something on the top has been leaking and ruined the nice new headliner on the passenger side. I did not drive the truck but it starts up good and sounds fine and carries good oil pressure. Has a duplex transmission and the truck will run about 60 mph according to the owner. Somebody spent some money and time fixing this truck up at one time but I think the main problem is that it has been setting out in the elements for a while. I think it would still be a really nice truck just needs some work to get it back in top condition. If anyone has any additional questions I will answer them the best I can. I also have some detailed pics I took if anyone is interested I can email them to you. The owner was real pleasant to deal with.

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